World/Character Events


I was thinking about how older civilizations used natural and celestial events in religious matters or for legends and folktales. Even smaller random events can be helpful in triggering interesting conversations.

I’ve broken up the idea into what i think are the 5 main categories.

Global events are something that everyone would see

Global Timed Events
These would be events that happen every set number of days.

  • Blood Moon
  • The Halenyx Comet
  • Eclipses

Global Random Events

  • Auroras
  • Meteor Shower

Regional Events could be location or biome based.

Regional Timed Events

  • Cicadas in forest regions
  • Fish migration in river biomes
  • Leaves starting to fall in autumn

Regional Random Events

  • Earthquake (could potentially disrupt the progress of all projects in a 3x3 square randomly on the map)

These would most likely be random

Character Events

  • Scar pain (randomly your character could feel pain in an injured limb)
  • Will-o-the-wisp (randomly see one when no one else can)
  • Shooting stars