Why does leveling a stat take an unrealistic amount of time?


Here’s some math first:
6048xp/6 effort gained per hour = 1008 hours
1008*4 levels of a stat = 4032 hours
4032/24 hours in a real life day = 168 real life days

What this means is that it takes 6048 experience divided by 6 experience earned per hour(both of these numbers are found in the wiki) coming out to 1008 hours which takes (1008/24=)42 real life days or 4.2 in game years to accomplish. To Master something would be to multiply those 42 days by 4(since there’s 5 levels of a stat and you start out at level 1 not including racial bonuses) which comes out to 168 days(16.8 in-game years/iGY).

The average lifespan I’d assume in this game is much lower than 80, but let’s say 80 because that is the average human lifespan as of 2018. Since characters start at 18, that means that you actually have 62 years left on a character. 62iGY/16.8iGY = 3.83. What this number means is that it will take over a 1/4th of your characters life to master 1 thing.

It is a common idea that 10,000 hours OR 6-10 years of practice will be the equivalent of mastering an art. 10,000 hours/24 hours = 416.667 days worth of time. 62 years in real life is 22,630 days(365*62). 22,630 days/417 days is 54.268. What this means is that theoretically, you could master something 54 times before you reach the age of 80.

Now to get to the point of what I’m saying. I understand that realistically, no one will master more than 2 things in real life. I also understand that your projects in game persist even when you’re offline, making it so you can “work in your sleep”. With that being said, I don’t think it should take more than a fourth of your characters life just to master one thing.

However, I do think that it taking that long to master an art in this game is balanced. If it were much faster, like in real life, then people wouldn’t need to interact whatsoever because they could just spend around 12 days in real life to fully master something.

What I’d like to suggest is to shift the experience around so that the first couple levels don’t take as long as the last couple levels. For example, instead of 6048 across the board, it could be 3048(3048/6=21.167 aka 21.2 days irl) for the first level, then increase by 2k each level. That way it comes out to the same amount of experience required, but it makes more sense from a realistic standpoint. The longer you work on learning something, the harder it is to master because the more you know, the less there is left to learn.

I know these numbers involving experience aren’t including the knowledge bonus you get to experience gained, but this doesn’t really have anything to do with it.

This change would make the player feel more satisfied with a character’s development, and it would make someone that has 2 more years of experience in a craft actually show it compared to someone with 0.


Please reference the FAQ for some info:

Skill gain has been balanced over the period of the average lifespan which is over one real life year, so skilling up takes longer because it has to be paced over a long period of time.

Also lifespans only last into the 55 range of IG years. Each IG year is 10 real days.

Exp rate gain has been rebalanced two times over the course of testing, and there are no plans to adjust it any further.