Warning Bell for Towns


I’ve been thinking about this for a bit and I thought that it could be quite useful to have another permanent machine(Similar to the Smelter) that could be built once you’ve built a Town Hall. It’d be called a Warning Bell or Signal Bell etc. and it would essentially act as a way for a Town Leader, or other elected Leader, to summon everyone in the town to meet up somewhere(Agreed upon through RP) whether they are inside or not. Knocking is handy but it loses it’s usefulness when there are other rooms beyond a locked door or too many to knock on in a short period of time.

I think the uses for it are pretty obvious really but examples would be a way to signal everyone if the town was under attack or to call everyone together for a meeting. Something like that is more and more important as more people are moving jobs indoors rather than working in the town center.

As for crafting, I don’t think it should require an obscene amount of materials, maybe only something like 2-5 Metal and 3-15 wood.

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