Unload button for containers


I would just -love- to have an “unload” button for containers, which would allow to simply empty the container on the ground/floor in the location where the container is. As it is now it is a real pain in the ass - I have to access the container, take the things to my char’s inventory, then drop on the ground. With the biggest container I have to do it twice. And it is really painful, especially with the way how slow it sometimes works when playing from Europe :confused:


Yes, I was thinking about this last night. Like a button to drop to floor etc because unloading things/picking things up takes over an hour easily for a basket worth of stuff.


Yes, please! This would make organizing stuff for and after travel a lot easier, especially with all the lag happening!


Can I third this? Unloading containers (if on hand, to inventory, if outside, to the floor) and check-box management of container content, so we don’t spam the area removing one item at a time.