Suggestion - Structural Benefits


To add to the suggestion regarding structures and their in-game functions, I would like to first convey why I feel this is a topic worth considering, and how it could benefit to alter the way structures work.

I’ve seen several structures in-game such as farms and lumber mills that function as means of improving resource gain on the tile itself. While this serves as a benefit to the entire tile, they also have a tendency to be left entirely empty and never utilized by players as an additional space or room available on that tile. Structures function well as improvements to the overall tile, but in-game, it’s slightly jarring to see an empty farm interior while the relevant resources gained are left outside because carrying items inside does not benefit player characters in any way.

I’d like to suggest a system where the buildings available have access to their relevant resources. Rather than providing an entire tile’s worth of improvement, perhaps the structural improvement could be gained only while gathering the improvement structure’s available resource. The resource would still be available for gathering while outside, but player characters would not benefit from the improvement building unless the player character gathered that resource while inside the building.

I understand that this is not a pressing matter, and the current buildings available function as they’re supposed to function and in no way detracts from the game’s core functions. I do however believe that this might be a structure overhaul worth considering once the game comes closer to completion.


If you had to go inside to reap the benefit I think it would need to be after the windows work otherwise you’d be dividing a (possibly) active population and possibly causing more sleepiness?

I think it would however, be cool to see the buildings used slightly more.


I think this discussion has already been up in the discord chat, and that it was turned down. Another suggestion that might add to the use of the buildings, though, would be that you could collect the resources while inside the building, as well as having the benefit outside it. It does make IC sense that you can fish while in the docks, and that you can harvest wheat while at the farm.