Suggestion - Spending hides


In colonies that like to hunt, meats and hides tend to stock up a lot. There are over 500 of a single type of hides in one of my colonies. No projects really makes us spend a whole bunch of these resources, so they are just left around, and i imagine it will just get worse as time passes.

I want to suggest making us able to have be some large projects that takes a lot of hides, to improve their quality or something like that. Perhaps you could take 10 quality 1 hides to make 1 quality 1.5 or 2 hides. It could improve ranching skill, I guess, and use a tanning rack kinda like making leather. Making leather just doesn’t spend enough hides! :smile:


I think this would be awesome otherwise there’s going to be masses and masses of extra items lying around for well…ever. :heart:


Maybe let us make tents or something like that.
Have it take 100 hides to make but then you can have a portable home for traveling.


Definitely increasing the required number of hides for leather will be a temporary small fix to the issue which I will put in today. In addition, decreasing, overall, the amount of hides obtained per animal is warranted too, considering how much faster you can obtain them compared to other resources.

However, it does warrant more consideration and creative ideas than this so this suggestion will remain open. Thanks for bringing it up.

Since they are a never-ending resource that is not used nearly as much as the others (like stone, wood, and ingredients), it might be a good idea to come up with a consumable item for them too which will delete the hides after the item is used.

Tents are also a neat idea.


Perhaps we could have bandages made from hide? An item that heals a little bit of damage when applied, but that can not heal injuries, or save someone from being incapable. It could even be made from leather to make them more time consuming and harder to abuse?

I also love the idea of tents. Perhaps we could get sleeping bags too? Would be awesome for roleplay, perhaps as a furniture? I know we can just make them as inventions, but it would be awesome.


One option is also to make it so you have to explicitly skin an animal to get their hide, adding an additional time/project cost to gathering hides. Throttles the amount of hides, makes them a more valuable resource. Can maybe tie skinning speed and/or quality to ranching too.

Additional uses for leather might include: making saddles, optional coating for certain furniture (chairs and tables specifically come to mind) in order to increase their comfort value, and various other tamed animal accessories (such as collars, barding, leashes, etc). Oh! Saddlebags for mountable animals, carry less than a vehicle but don’t slow you down as much and/or easier to make.

For consumables, the only thing that comes to mind is gear maintenance. Bandages like Shanell suggests are probably for the best, with some healing scaled on quality. Maybe a limit of “1 bandage per wound” so people can’t just carry a dozen of them and slap them on after every fight, or maybe just needing a project to apply is enough.


Having a way of making armour for animals would be great. It could cost a lot more hides than what normal armour would take, considering many animals are bigger than other characters.

As for bandages, the limit of 1 bandage per wound would be difficult if they just were to heal damage, not injuries. Since hides are easier to get than herbs, though, just make them heal less damage than what potions do.


If bandages were to be added, which skill would they use? Alchemy, like all healing-related stuff?


I’ve wanted numerous times to make a tent for traveling characters. A tent as an invention doesn’t allow for any privacy. Tents, tipis, covered wagons could all use hide. Or parchments could be implemented… a note that can be destroyed but not erased? Even the ability to easily destroy excess hides would be nice.


I’d say Alchemy just to keep things consistent, and maybe bandages could be something that’s an hour long project that heals a little health (more depending on level/quality of bandage but still capped somewhere so it’s still not as good as herbal items) but can’t heal injuries or the incapable. It would allow for more convenient healing without making it OP, while also using the overabundance of hides.