Suggestion - Sending things down a body of water/water based biome


As what the title says for this suggestion it is all about sending things down a river, a stream, or a small body of water. This suggestion is based off the animal carriers the game currently has and it came from the idea of sending things down the river like a message in a bottle and whatnots and see where it goes.

So, let me explain what this is all about in depth of what it could do and these are for tiles with the mentioned above. Plainly speaking your character would be allowed to put in something light within a small container and send it down a water based biome.

The positives is that it would require no animals, no town alliances, and cost effective since the resources for light or small containers are plentiful. The reasons for the first positive is because sending things down the river is relatively free with low levels of danger.

The negatives would be is that the speed is dependent on the type of biome it’s going through, it would only go one direction the water-based biome is flowing through with a potential preset destination if not picked or taken out of the water, it could be picked anywhere between the set-route it goes and set location, and that sending is a one-directional way which means that you could send something down a stream that only flows southwest or northwest and that’s it.

The extreme negatives is that ONLY water-based biomes(Except oceans since they flow in ANY direction.) have this feature and would only benefit groups camping, settling, or living on these biomes.

You’re free to comment and such.