Suggestion - Revisiting Damage


Howdy. I’ve given it some thought recently, and for balance purposes, I think some stats and numbers need a second look regarding how damage is calculated. Ultimately, I think the slower combat is, the better roleplay is, but the way the math is now makes things a bit unbalanced, I think. Personally, I think damage all together needs to be scaled back a little, perhaps making it multiplied by 2 or 3 instead of 4, but first I want to address the things I think should be addressed.

Strength/Dex not only adds damage, but also increases your ability to dodge, which is huge, because it gives you the ability to take on an army by yourself. Perhaps dodge chance needs to be removed from Strength/Dex for balance’s sake, to put more power in outnumbering your opponent. The way it is now, I think a single person could most definitely take on a large group, especially if their damage is high enough. There should definitely be safety in numbers. (Daemini definitely went slam sandwich on people during the first Daemon/Sanguine conflict, because she kept dodging everything)

Second, I think the way Melee/Ranged is leveled needs to be adjusted. Currently, child characters who are born in areas with many other child characters have the means to level melee/ranged quickly, due to their 75% damage reduction and low risk at injury I don’t think that is very fair, considering how quickly it can be leveled given the right circumstances. My suggestion would be to take out skill gain from landing hits all together, and instead let people make “sparring” projects with one (or more) other person, similar to a magic apprentice learning with a master. At the end of the project, both parties can take some damage. This way, everyone has the opportunity to level melee/ranged, no matter the age or population.

Another thought I had, is that guards do not retaliate against people who have a weapon quality lower than 2, but with the math, someone could have a junk weapon, but still have huge hit numbers, because there is more that determines damage than just weapon quality.


Without the need of asking what this conflict you mentioned ever was since that’s not important to the over suggestion and discussion of this topic. It is true that a character with maxed out stats could became a literal one-man army that can dodge many attacks and hit like a truck. You’re right about children using other children as punching bags although there are children that were born in traveling groups with adults willingly letting their guard down for practice.

For example, there is this child-to-adult character that has maxed strength but uses a ranged weapon with base dexterity and skill. Most of their attack are towards horses and bobcats both of which have three in power and aggression with some sheep about. Most of the attacks go above 10 points of damage and they’ve hit four out of the eight times they’ve hit something. Three of those four were sheep while said sheep dodged two of the eight attacks on them. The remaining attacks went to the horses and bobcats dodged the attacks while hitting above 20 points of damage bringing the character’s health from 80% range to 40% range despite wearing light armor with a grade of 2.

Though the example I mentioned may not relate to the situation described by Aurkae. It does prove in a theoretical and potentially literal sense that it is possible to have one character become a one man army that could take out an entire group of characters of low-to-mid levels in attributes and skills. Though, if they have a base level in their weapon skill but have maxed attributes for that skill then they’d be hitting more but not as hard as someone with a maxed out weapon with base attribute.

Think of it as this and think of these examples in a theoretically sense.

1.You have someone with max skill in their Melee/Ranged/Magic with maxed quality in it but have base attribute level then they’d be hitting like trucks but miss most of their attacks; although this example and the next are for characters without any armor.

2.Then you have someone who raised their attributes to the max but use a Junk quality weapon then you’d be seeing them inflict potentially low to medium damage output.

Although, I may be forgetting that there was a time where a new spawn character attacked a character that had a maxed weapon and probably trained enough to level their weapon skill and attribute related to it. This character brought down the new spawn to 52% in one hit with both of them being adult spawns with the attacker using no armor or weapons. (I do have have proof this log event exists.)

I would like to suggest a hit-rate reduction based on the type of armor a character wears regardless of quality. Like having heavy armor would potentially reduce a character’s overall hit-rate by 40% or more or 20% hit-rate reduction for light armor. Having these reductions could give players an incentive to forgo their hit-rate for more defense or the other way around.


I agree there are some issues with the combat system.

I was surprised to see the abilities (strength/dexterity/knowledge) are key to the hit chance. The specific skills would seem more appropriate. In general, abilities can be leveled easiers, as several skills contribute, while the combat skill can only be trained by actual hits. No way you can do that 24 times a day (i thought).

There is logic to the fact that higher leveled fighters have much better hit chances versus lower levels. Nothing wrong with that. What makes a top level fighter seem like a one man army is the high number of attacks they can launch. One on every single target each hour (as long as the damage taken is low enough). This allows for single handed massacres. I think the number of attacks per hour as a whole should be limited. Maybe by introducing something like tiredness, maybe by the ability/skill level, maybe by a fixed number.

Children being able to train harder because of low damage is in line with their learning at double rate. I see no problem there, provided the attacks-per-hour limit will be in effect. Better circumstances/organisation should be rewarded.


It seems combat parameters have changed quite a bit since the sunday closure (i have to alter some strategies). Will there be an announcement, will the wiki be adjusted?


This suggestion was discussed in discord and has since been implemented, so I am closing this topic. For anyone else new who sees this, critical topics about game balance during beta are to be discussed in live chat. The suggestions forum is for after the game is finished and out of beta.

The wiki will be adjusted, but in general even outside of combat, the wiki is fairly out of date on a lot of topics. Those non-critical topic will be updated once beta is finished. Combat will be updated today.