Suggestion Guidelines (Please Read)


Welcome to the suggestions section of the forum. Currently the game is in beta, and there are two different ways to make suggestions for the game.

If your suggestion includes a poll, please include [Poll] in the beginning of your topic title to let others know.

Suggestions to be posted on this forum are post-release, meaning the intention is not to add the suggestion into the game until after the game is out of its current beta state.

Suggestions that should be discussed live in the discord are critical features that address balance issues or unintentional behavior in the game which should be completed during the beta phase before release.

The reason for this is so that when I finish the game I have a nice easy list to go through in the suggestions section composed of all the nice-to-have cool stuff you all want in the game, without it getting mixed up and confused with really important stuff that needs to be discussed and planned for implementation with some level of urgency (the discord is the first place I check every day).

Suggestions will get locked if they are determined to be critical and then added to the game, or if their discussion leads to no where fruitful for a long period of time. If a new take on a locked topic is thought up and you want to discuss that, then it is fine to make a new thread as long as the closed topic does not explicitly state that the feature would never be implemented in any form for some reason.

Thanks for posting a suggestion and enjoy reading everyone else’s ideas too.

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