Suggestion - Disguise/Obscure appearance


This suggestion is merely an conceptual interpretation based on the unimplemented stealth mechanic. The disguise/obscure function would use the Guile skill to disguise or/and obscure a physical appearance of a character in plain sight to the other characters. It would rely on knowledge and guile for the person disguised/obscuring their appearance while catching these characters would require knowledge and marksmanship.

Before doing an example, it needs explaining on how the disguise/obscure appearances would work.

  • Disguise Appearance
    • Disguising yourself would in a realistic sense would require you to study the person you're trying to disguise or imitate. Like how they act, how they look, and even their personality. Though it would vary in usage due to various factors such as other races aside from the character that is attempting to look different.

      Disguising yourself as someone else would basically grab a character’s description, character image and/or their hungers and health levels but not the containers or equipment they’re wearing. You would have to not act the part but look the part. Though, you could look like someone else no one has ever seen and could and may work with players that prefer living double lives. The character in disguise would only get experience if they successfully disguise themselves with Guile experience given to them.

  • Obscure Appearance
    • Obscuring yourself would require your character to have a cloak and four other pieces of clothing that would cover your entire body or appearance. In a realistic manner, wearing enough clothing that can hide your body's figure and build could obscure how people would view your appearance.

      Obscuring yourself would hide your character’s description with a placeholder message saying your character is obscuring their appearance while listing what clothes they’re wearing while hiding whatever weapons, equipment and containers they have on them. It would also obscure your character’s gender and age. Like Obscure would only grant experience if it’s done successfully and awarded Guile experience. To other characters, your character would race would only be seen with no visible age or gender.

Now onto the examples when applied.

For disguising, let’s say there is a character on the run and they managed to shake the local guard by hiding in a cart of a building or the local barracks with no guard inside. Their options are limited to whatever they find in wherever they hide in. They would try to impersonate a guard or a merchant or citizen to ward off the guard for awhile. By a mere chance, the disguised person fails to act like one of the above because the person that caught onto them either knows them, the disguised fails to act like them, or their disguise looks weird and off.

For obscuring, let’s say a character wants to hide their physical features from the public eye because they’re a local noble that’s going on a unofficial visit to the local lord or leader of a nearby settlement. The character decides to wear a cloak with other clothing while hiding how they physically look like. They arrive at the settlement and one of the citizens see through their clothing by mere luck such as the wind blowing off their cloak’s hood. The character is brought to the lord or leader afterwards.

Guile and knowledge would be used as variables and factors for a formula because the character would need some sort of knowledge of who they’re disguising/impersonating as and obscuring their appearance well enough. While knowledge and marksmanship would be used as a factor for characters to see through their disguise/impersonation or see their appearance if they’re obscuring.

I would think the formula if it’s taken off the conceptual stages would go like this on the below.

(User’s knowledge * 2 + user’s Guile * 2 + luck factor of 1-10% or more) + 50 - (Viewer’s knowledge * 2 + viewer’s marksmanship * 2 + luck factor of 1-10% or more).

(3 * 2 + 4 * 2 + 4) + 50 - (5 * 2 + 3 * 2 + 8) = 68 - 24 = 44% for the user to succeed in hiding their disguise or appearance from another character.

I thank you all for reading this suggestion and/or with any feedback.


I forgot to add in one detail. The disguise/obscure would immediately fade off if the character doing it is attacked by another character. Maybe there’d be a chance it would slip off.


Took time to look through and fixed some grammatical and spelling errors.