Suggestion - Detaining Option for Guards


I’d been thinking about it and I thought it might be a good idea for guards to have a tool or item that could be craftable, or even just a basic option, to detain a character in place of assaulting them. For some crimes like eavesdropping it seems a bit overkill for 6 people to beat a person nearly to death, especially if that person happens to be playing a child…who in a RP sense may not know that they can’t do that.

The basic idea would be that the guards, instead of auto attacking, instead disable a persons ability to walk, pick things up, or attack until the person is released. I personally think this is a much more preferable situation and makes much more sense in terms of RP.


I agree with this. Some sort of grappling or restraining action is what guards would normally do in this kind of situation, not (immediately) attack and possibly kill. Maybe the reaction could be depending on town preferences.


Sounds like common sense idea, yeah.


This sounds like a much better alternative.