Suggestion - Combat hit-grazes


Wait! Before you press the back button or click that X button on your browser, please beware that this suggestion’s title is trying it’s best to not be misleading and the whatnot. I will acknowledge that there may be things I either glossed over, wasn’t entirely aware of, or acknowledged so please forgive me if that is the case.

I’ll be talking about is the combat hit-graze or grazes for short. Combat damage in Marosia is based on weapon quality/magic, armor, attributes, and the skills associated with them where the determined damage is based on all of those factors on both the attacker and defender/victim where the damage is almost the same with a medium-range aspect to it. (Although my eyes are probably deceiving me.)

What hit-grazes or grazes could potentially add into the combat is potentially longer battles and a chance to survive a well-armed opponent or groups of characters ganking on one and add in a small potential luck factor to the victims. Please beware that I am only writing this in a PVP aspect than a general PVE one. “hit-grazes” would only work when a character is successfully hit by another. When hit, there would be a SMALL chance where the victim would receive a GRAZE instead of a hit. If that occurs then the damage would or could be potentially reduced by a certain percentage.

Think of this sort of example and is not meant to be taken seriously, a character has a weapon that could potentially chip off an unarmored character by 25 points. By a small chance as the character is struck, the hit becomes a graze and reduces the damage by certain percentage. Instead of taking 25 points of damage damage, they take 20% to 50% where the damage would be 20 (Reduced damage of 5) to 12.5 damage (Reduced damage of 12.5).

What’d you all think about this one?


I think it’s an idea that could be considered, however, I’d like to propose that maybe we include the possibility of a graze instead of a straight up miss. Right now characters only gain experience when they hit someone, and it’s harder to hit someone when they don’t have experience, so maybe there’s a grey area where misses and full on hits turn into grazes, just so that there’s a greater chance of gaining XP but also a way for lower level characters to survive an encounter with a high level character. I’m not entirely sure how this would affect balancing, but I feel it would make combat more dynamic.