Strikethrough formatting option


Currently in notes/descriptions/etc we can bold, italicise and line break with html tags. I was hoping that in the future the option for a strikethrough tag to be usable so things such as lists can be crossed out or even for if one were to deface a building for example, you can literally cross through the words.


I would love to be able to do this.


Riverly in the discord also had some suggestions:

  1. Text colors in notes! (they can be limited to just a few realistic and acquirable ones… red, blue, brown etc)
  2. Use of a few bullet point type of symbols.
  3. Strike-through text.
  4. Underlined text.

Personally speaking I have used and seen other use just descriptives in notes to specify text colour as opposed to literally having colours, such as [In neat, purple handwriting…]. But that’s just for the meantime or in case we can’t have colours :smiley: