It would be neat to have the sparring option - it would be like fighting, only that the damage would be lowered, say to the worst weapon quality and worst attacker skill or something? In the end when you just want to spar with someone you don’t go full in and try not to hurt them. So it would make sense to differ between proper attacking and sparring. Plus guards could ignore sparing and only respond to actual attacks.


This again messes with the intention of having sparring be costly. If you can adjust damage at will and gain as much experience, then you do not have to actually be mindful when sparring with others, and you can spar as much as you want. If that was allowed, we would need yet another exp rate redesign discussion, only for combat, which I am not interested in doing.


Well, then perhaps exp should be gained based on damage then? The point is that the more experienced you are, the harder it is to train combat, as the damage increases. As a beginner with a shitty weapon you only deal like 6 dmg + luck roll. When you’re advanced it’ll jump up to 18 dmg + luck roll, so pretty much twice as much, still getting the same amount of exp as you did when dealing 6 dmg.
I mean on one hand I agree that it’s harder to learn the more you know, but at the same time it seems a bit “unnatural” that people who are skilled at fighting don’t have any control over the damage they deal. So I just mean it’s kind of not realistic. But I understand the mechanical reasons behind it.