Roleplaying a parent


I would like to have a discussion about how to roleplay a good parent. Many people seem to enjoy roleplaying children who act up, but I find it really hard to find a suitable punishment for this.

Most of the RL punishments parents use doesn’t really work very well in came. Locking a kid up in a building as a house arrest means making them unable to roleplay, and that doesn’t sound fair to me. If you try to talk to them, they just run away, and you have no way as an adult to keep them from doing that, apart from roleplaying that you do, which I’ve seen several times being ignored, or locking them up, which again makes them unable to roleplay.


It’s a problem parents face in real life too honestly. Assuming the kids are willing to roleplay back with you: taking their toys, giving them chores, sending them to bed without their meals, and/or dangling a carrot in front of them (“I’ll take you on our trip… IF you’re good!”) are all options.