Roleplay Appreciation!


Charon, I adore every rp with you, stay awesome!

All of Evicerata’s kids…seriously, you are all three wonderful!


I love Mr. Templeton so much. He deserves props.


Strix and Mortala are such wonderful writers, emoters, and simply lovely people to interact with! They exercise such control over their characters that everyone around them has a sense of who and what they are; they are both superbly well developed.

It’s also nice knowing I’m not the only one who will bombard others with paragraphs. <3


I’d like to praise some characters from back when I was still playing Edgar.

Melody - I always loved your emotes. Especially the ones when she was trying to overhear something and she was failing at it miserably. It did give me quite some laugh on several occasions. But I also enjoyed the depth she had, even though she did struggle with communication.

Batil - well, Batil is Batil. I loved the way she was sometimes cringy. I also loved the “delicious” dishes she was making. But what I love most was the way she hated Edgar and how one could really -feel- it, both through her actions, words, and her emotes. Like the one which was more or less like “She tried to overhear what Edgar was saying, but she failed to understand his babble

I also enjoyed his interactions with Molly, and even with Hargin, even though the latter did hate him like hell.


Haha. I gotta give Charon props again. What a BUTTHOLE, in the best way possible!


So many shout outs to do! Some are old but lazy me just joined the forums. Heck Marosia is is my first online rp to boot

Lenny how you made my day every time we interacted. Loved the letters pure eloquence.

So many scamp in drakassi. You all made me try to come up with fun things. From snowball fights to feather tickle wars You all rose to the occasion.

Lucia your rp made me want to hug my kindle.

Marlin you wisdom always at the right time

Rys always caring and stuffing food down my characters throat.

Ifrit your kindness made me try my darndest to kidnap you

Kaela your loving rp taught me a lot about how to type to better

Okkoto you antics and mine made me laugh so hard

Marmor I love your patience

Idris your rp as a best friend was pricesless. So glad we made you pants!

Charon you made nervous me relax and have fun when I first spawned. Love your funny rp

Asmo. It was amazing watching how your character grew from a punk kid to a respectable adult

Umbria and imogen you two made me laugh so hard specially when you interacted with therians

I am sure I am leaving so many out in dae land. All the daemons rock!

Moving on to folk ragnar and company I love how everyone interacts together. It’s a true family right down to the odd brother. Olaf don’t change!

Sven your rp is some of the sweetest have ever read. Thank you for saying yes!

Elery you make ever trip to hopes reach a joy!

Avian and fa e time

Wren thank you for your patience you amaze me how you can handle difficult situations

Helia I love how you emote your feelings

Seren I enjoy our discussions

Ria you are just a sweetheart

Akira I love how you rp being small

Tesni you are so kind

All the faelings and hatchlings you guys make me want to check Marosia just to see is there activity.

Therian time

Mickey on my Lord there is nothing like you out there. Possibly a good thing

Gagi you are such an adorable odd duck. I love how unique you are.

Asher you are just to cute! Agate you are a mystery yet. Both of you are so much fun to do with!

That’s all I can think of for now.


More people should use this thread lol

Any way here goes

Ria and Luarel you two are both mutes yet your rp for that is well done. You each have your own way of getting what you need to say across and I appreciate how hard it is to play a mute character

Runa I love how descriptive you are. The way even tucking a child in is described, I can see it in my head. I need to learn how to do that

Darwin you sleep a lot and then a burst of activity. That activity is so fun and sweet I refresh all day looking for when you come online.

Mirai and Kaliska thank you for being so active. Watching your interactions with each other, those around you, and myself has me “biting my nails” to see what they are up to next. Such a joy to rp with you two.

Sven you are such a doting husband and father. The way you follow my lead when I do things from slaughtering animals, to snowball fights to keep the rp going and the town active is priceless.

Glynn you fluttered in out of nowhere and no matter how I tried to ignore the pest you persevered. That rp has led to a different path and I am thankful for that.

Wren and helia your acceptance and tolerance for the chaos is some of my favorite rp. Thank you.

Asher if it wasn’t for you, my days as a kid would be boring. Thank you big brother.

Agate wish you were awake more. When you are the moments are sweet and I can feel your eyerolls.

Olaf I wait for you to talk. You add such flavor to the game.

Ragnar you herd cats well.

Cayde your ideas and rp for them I enjoy.

Zora you and your brother Rakki make motherhood a joy.

Nerissa I love how you rp your timidness and your emotions. I don’t have to guess anything.

Cecilia you make my day many times with the stuff you do. Funny how I noticed you picked up some stuff from my character that was a surprise.

Lana sorry we freak you out. I love how you rp that and trying to understand. The way you stand up for yourself is golden.

Nyx the rp you made happen was wonderful. You aren’t just the amazing person behind all this. You are a superb roleplayer too.

I am sure I am missing someone. There are so many of you that make this game enjoyable ty.


Shout out to the island Therians for keeping things spicy, though in particular Varg, Freya and Elric! Some of the recent RP has really hit me in the feels and I always look forward to their RP when our characters cross paths!

Also shout out to Denali and Teagan for the constant hijinks and wholesome moments. And the many lettuces.


I was asked by another player to post on their behalf…

I would like to praise quite a few characters that made the game really entertaining.
Ragnifer – for giving my character a good start and making me change his mind about his personality on the very first day of his existance.
Wyllin – because he was so damn annoying, yet he also had a second deep layer which I suppose not many were even aware of. The big heart hidden under acting like a douche.
Mardea – for giving my char a nice start and quite a few nice adventures.
Jil – for providing my char with quite a few really nice RP opportunities and most of all for making his story deeper.
Hedvig and Kilmneir – for giving my char a story arch by making him change his mind and revise his life decisions. At least partly.
Hargin – for… being Hargin :D. I just love how much my char hates him. And also for being one of the characters who changed my character’s life, making him have some traits and believes. I like how Hargin is just creating all those RP hooks, providing characters with opportunities to build their story up from some IG events.
Rain – for being truly the daughter of Hargin :P. And for being somehow crazy.
Batil – for being like a nice elderly aunt who wants to stuff you with home made cookies. I think cordial is the word? At least until she gets pissed off.
Nathanee – simply because playing with you is a joy.
Amara – because I really do appreciate the way things have been handled, how it was purely a good RP, even if it was a tough one.
Esther – for looking identical like Astrid. This one still makes me laugh :D. And for the depth the character has. I like how you let Esther be shaped by IG events.
Evi Barrows – for nearly making my char shit himself with fear :D.
Desmond – because I really enjoy the way he is played, and he is definitely one of those characters that influenced mine char.
Mudiwa – for putting lots of effort into providing people with a friendly environment where they can develop their characters any way they want.
And last but not least, Astrid – for bearing with him through all the weird ass crap that is happening around them. Thank you for those few almost sleepless nights :P. And thank you for letting their story grow and head who knows where.

In general playing a folk is fun. So kudos to the entire Moonville, Tozaq and Hope’s Reach.


I want to praise quite a few people on this post, so bear with me for a second. In no specific order:

Living, or assumed living
Ange: For giving my character hope, again.

Rain and Everly: For being there in my fae’s last moments. And making me cry.

Nala and Chloe: For being the reason why I even kept my fae! Grandpa is watching over you both, okay? Lots of love, always.

Mickey: You’re odd, and that’s coming from meeee. Thaaaank you, Mickory. Your roleplay is quite the treaaat.

Raksha: For being sooo, sooo sweeeet. Thank you for the smiles, the giggles, the scratches. And, of cooourse, for letting my therian bother you!

Marmor: She has to be in everyone’s list, so. Here you go, baby. You deserve it.

Zylo: Zylo, when you smile I am undone… my son. Look at my son!

The War Party in general: For being so fun to be around. I love our brand of chaos.

Valeria Anderwood: For being the most amazing mother I could have asked for! I could literally write paragraphs going on and on about her. She’s such a strong character, and her posts always make me feel warm and fuzzy and full of love.

Anderwood sisters (and brother!): You guys keep my big boy going, too. Thank you for the laughs, the tears, the bonds we have. Your big brother is super proud of how far we’ve all come, together.

Ragnar: Pants.

Alastair: Hot damn does this character deserve my praise. Man gives me chills, and I wasn’t even his enemy. Keep up the good work.

Nefra: For being the sweetest daughter my fae could have hoped for. He missed her until his last breath.

Chi: For being the only naga to have made my own’s heart soar. He’ll never forget them.

Seelie: For being my naga’s best friend. I miss my fiery girl.

Lenny: I still miss him. That’s it. I just miss that long demon boy with the teef and the big claws.

That trio back with my daemon? Yeah. They know who they are. They’ll never be forgotten, you hear me, sibs? Never.

Thank you for listening. G’bye.


More anon. praise:

Lurco – you’re cracking me up sometimes. Especially the hand shaking thing. In general I love the way Lurco is withrdrawn and always deadly serious.
Hervy – you’re already a joy! The little serious man. And I really enjoy your writing style.


Just a few, partly generic for reasons:

  • My folk family, you all know who you are and honestly you’re all super awesome <3 I love how everyone interacts and the way Val’s offhanded “you do you” nature causes them all to eavesdrop everything and hopefully enabled them to be children for a lot longer than most. Most of all, I love the fact that you all give me the weirdest (in the best way I promise) rp experiences that make me smile, and sometimes cry.

  • My snek’s family, again you all know who you are. Thank you all for dealing with my tactile little chub in all her demanding, wiggling glory. She loves her older brothers beyond belief and I’m interested to get to know the newest addition.

  • Marlin, Marley and Mephisto. Marlin is wonderfully supportive and my dae couldn’t ask for a better person beside her side, it’s so nice to have the warm fuzzy feelings in her chaotic world. Marley, the yellow dae who she loves in the best brotherly way - providing he’s not cooking, thank you for making her and me laugh. Meph, I’m not sure if the player will see this but I loved the dynamics of their sibling relationship - could’t have asked for better.

  • Mythadreas - for changing the pace and Verve for being the spit of Myth without realising sometimes.

  • Len in all his infuriating glory, provides my sanguine with the cutest scenes from time to time and it’s so wonderful. As part of that - Legacy, for providing the Marosian version of a gender reveal that time :smile:


alright. there’s a lot to go through here.

Ero : Thank you so much for being the beautiful, kindhearted man my naga needed to balance them out. While his confession caught them (and myself!) off guard, they loved him so wholeheartedly once all was said and done, and couldn’t have asked for better mate than him. They were so awkward for a while, but once they got comfortable, it felt like the most natural thing in the world. I regret their life wasn’t quite as fulfilling as I would’ve liked. I wish they could be alive again just to hug him and tell him how much they appreciated him being in their life.

Seelie : Thank you for being so dorky? Seelie somehow became my adorable daughter, despite spawning before me. It was hilarious. The interactions with her were so friendly and natural! I like to imagine they greeted each other on the other side and started ragging on Ero for the nerd he is.

Mellam : Thank you for being there to help Flint adjust. Even with what she became later in life, Flint thinks on her fondly-- she was so knowledgable and they admired her greatly. Her transition towards her final destination was realistic, and heartbreaking to watch from the point of view of someone who deemed her a friend.

Banagher : Such a lovable character. He meant much to mine, despite probably not being able to reciprocate that sort of thing…dude just wanted to be alone with his mossgolems! Even without that, the relationship between them was calm, and I enjoyed the few interactions they had together. Wish they could’ve traveled more.

Shale-Laika : Perfect cowboy! She was so fun to be around, with her southern drawl, and how she could make any situation feel uplifting, somehow. To think she made such an impact in such a short time really goes to show your roleplay prowess. I loved her characterization up until the sorrowful end. I still think about her.

Mango and Oasis : The relationship between you was perfect from the moment we had our first encounter. While it took some warming up, I would defend these two with my life by now. They’re such wonderful kids, and every interaction we’ve had before drove me to continue playing Flint.

Tesni : I watched her come into existence, and I unfortunately helped build her resting place. It was such a shame to see a wonderful character come and go like that. I think often about all the missed opportunities, because honestly you were such a good player and I would’ve died to interact with you.

Seren : I love her so much! Good words! Fun to be around! I can’t think of anything but ridiculous things to say but. God Tier Milf.

Lucian : He’s so silly and high spirited. Serious when need be, though his joking side slips out ever so often, and it’s been a delight to witness for the past few months. I’m somewhat…intimidated by the level of skill you exhibit with writing? Yet every time you offer a scene up to me, and reach out to my character, I feel welcome. It’s nice to feel like family. An all around, bonafide dad, really.

Vivienne : Cute and cheery, but not just that! This girl has so many layers and is such a delight to be in the presence of. Her personality is the most inviting of her family, and as a Hallows, that says a lot. Something just draws you to her. It’s wonderful.

Roland : Tries to be so serious it’s kinda cute. It melds well with his partner’s personality, resulting in some nice scenes I enjoy reading, even if I’m not a participant. Nice to interact with, from beginning to finish.

I have so many more I can’t really think of off the top of my head? I will make sure to revisit this thread. I find myself looking for my own characters often, and I figure that’s selfish to do without contributing some love of my own.


I’ve only just started playing, so I haven’t met many people yet, but I have seen some RP and some players that I’ve really enjoyed, so here goes:

Valeria Anderwood and Co. - I love the interaction between you and your kids. I love them all. The entire family seems filled with well rounded characters, and Valeria has such a loving and proficient way about her. I hope my character is eventually half as good at anything as Valeria seems to be at everything.

Hargin - Very welcoming and instructive without breaking character. Patient to a fault. Very inclusive.

Molly - Seems to have her finger on the pulse of everything around her, but doesn’t thrust herself into the middle of every situation. That judgement is a rare thing.


Shout out to Emma in the therian islands for being a cute leader and makeing it so I can feel the emotions her char puts forth and next to Xeriah for makeing the town life intresting by haveing a pretty intense sparing match with me and keeping my vampy from withering away by showing him bloods not so bad after all


Player of Sarasa - You made an interesting character who does not waver from their established personality on a whim, you play consistently all the way through, and you should know it is appreciated. Sarasa as I knew her made wherever she went an interesting roleplay experience full of energy and often times controversy. This made for some really fun scenes that you just don’t see in many other places in the game, and I am glad I got to play around her. Thanks for making such a fun loving and mischievous character with tons of depth for those who knew her well to experience.


Saga - I adore your character. She is well rounded, but still very much a vulnerable cub. I have enjoyed the interaction with her greatly.


It’s long overdue for me to post something here. I’ve had a lot of good interactions with a lot of interesting characters, so I’ve been wanting to list some of the ones that have stood out to me the most!

Characters that have interacted with my Folk:

  • Mudiwa: There’s been a good couple of good and emotional moments between our characters, and I adore how that has made the two of them develop. Here’s hoping there’ll be more down the line!

  • Desmond: Go home, grumpy old man. You smell of potatoes and misery. (But you’re great.)

  • Hargin: I like this stubborn old guy, even though my character is a bit fed up with him. He was one of the first characters I interacted with ingame, and he gave both my character and me as a player a lot of help with getting started - Thank you for that!

  • Batil: I’m impressed at how she’s managed to actually organize the Folk on occasions. She’s got a good head on her, and the times we’ve interacted have been fun for me.

  • Orion: We haven’t interacted too much, but I’ve always loved his character. He’s got this calm about him, yet has a sense of humor that’s really likeable.

  • Amara Fledge: She’s such a sweet character, and I wish our schedules matched up for our characters to interact more. The times our characters -do- talk I’m always enjoying myself.

  • Derek O’Donnell: Holy smokes, you know how to stir chaos. I hate him for all the things he does, yet I love all the RPs he creates! To the player behind him, whoever you are, I think you’re doing a terrific job!

  • Svaritus: This is the first time I’ve gotten to directly interact with a god ingame. I loved the writing, as well as the personality that so strongly shone through. It caught me by surprise how well the characters bounced off of each other, so the entire event was a real treat for me!

Characters that have interacted with my Naga:

  • Livi and Kurobi: Great parents and good roleplayers! I couldn’t have asked for a better start for my first child character. Livi especially has been great, displaying both a soft caring and terrifying authority when the situation calls for it. Meanwhile, Kurobi has amazing descriptions in crafted items and emotes I only wish I could compare to with my writing.

  • Kuro: He’s such a loud personality that’s molded my character to such a big extent, and I love how it seems the two of them can’t help but starting drama around each other from time to another.

  • Emera: The sweetest and wiggliest sister one could get. She wears her emotions and opinions on her sleeve, and I thoroughly enjoy her presence whenever she’s there for the atmosphere she adds.

  • Malvin: Another one that has molded my character a good bit, probably more than either of them realise! My character looks up to him a good bit.

  • Callan: He’s been a nice presence for all the time my character has known him. He’s got this humble nature about him that I really enjoy. And he’s a good boy.

  • Nicazia: For being well on her way with breaking my anxious character out of their shell. Most of their interactions are great, and I really appreciate the dynamic they’ve built together.


There are a few characters I’d like to give my appreciation for the last few months and it really helped made my character feel the way they do now.

Kilmneir - The frog-man Kobold, like him for being very caring, supportive, nice, and parental-like. Both our characters interactions felt natural and pleasant which made me as a player very happy despite how much of a charmer he is. He’s made a positive impact on her in a few ways.

The unnamed Folk who will remain unnamed - Your character’s interactions with mine were one of the best my Folk ever had in so many years in-game character-to-character despite who much of a mess she was, how slow the buildup was, and the short amount of time they were around each other. They were ambitious but yet very innocent and they had an obtainable and tangible dream that gave me and her something to look forward to. Something your character alone has achieved aside from one other.

They gave her something no other character other than Kilmneir and one other gave. To my character, they were something amazing and you made her feel welcome, needed and most importantly, human in a time where she was at her lowest and darkest point. Lastly, you’ve made her a very happy woman and gave a chance to develop into something despite the short amount of time they were together.


Just gonna bite the bullet and go for it here. I have two big props I want to give so in no order…

Player of Lionel, thank you so much for your character. I’ve re-written this like three times but I think my appreciation of your character just comes down to how much attention and effort you put in to understanding the characters around yours. You really read between the lines and tried to dig a little deeper, and that made for some really great interactions. You also gave me hands down my favourite marosia scene so far. Hopefully you know the one I mean. So thank you!

Player of Kanaka, I mean holy shit this was the most complex relationship I have had in the game so far. It was impossibly in depth and our scenes were incredibly tense and literally had me on the edge of my seat. Sometimes being in a scene with just one other player can be daunting or awkward, but it just seemed to flow and I found it easy to bounce back and forth with you. Also thank you so much for separating OOC and IC - definitely setting an example!

Also want to spare a shout out to the players of Deston and Sylvy. Player of Deston - I really appreciated your attempts to engage with my character and I thought that was a great story. Player of Sylvy - you made an exceptionally cute character and I think every post of yours had me smiling.

And thank you so much to everyone who took the time to roleplay with me - not just the good but also the bad and the ugly :wink: You all know who you are and you really helped me morph my character! I met some great characters and I’m really happy I got to participate in some even better stories!

That’s far too much being nice for one day… Feel like I gotta go shower now.

(From the player of Sarasa to save you all the detective work)