[Rejected] Suggestions - Imbuing weapons with the knowledge


I am not sure how to word the title properly but I will explain what this suggestion is on paper. Forgive me if it’s messy in explaining itself.

Have you’ve seen in any video game like Dark Souls and the traditional turn-based RPGs you see today? Imagine you’re facing other another monster or player through PVE or PVP. Pretend you have a weapon that relies on Strength and pretend you see that the thing has the same weapon type. The weapon they wield seems plain and ordinary on the outside. When the both of you clash, the damage they deal or the amount of hits they landed overshadows your own with some sort of magic. Think of it as adding in fire to your sword and using your character’s magic as the output instead of Strength.

I’m sure if that explantation is the best I can dish out but let me explain yet again. What happened in the example is that the character used a Strength weapon while the other used a Strength weapon imbued with the Knowledge attribute. What that means is that the weapon the other character was using was relying on Knowledge attribute as part of their damage output or part of their hit rate.

Think of it like this, there is a character with level three strength and one or two levels in Melee attacking a character with level five knowledge and one level in Melee. The second character’s weapon is Melee but it’s been enchanted or modified to use Knowledge as it’s root attribute for damage output or/and hit rate ratio. Due to having that weapon on them, they’re able to have an edge on the combat front when they normally shouldn’t be able to.

This suggestion changes how combat is approached for characters with high knowledge with low combat skills and no magic on hand. It’s meant them give them some sort of edge on the battlefield if they really have to fight. Although, I’m not sure how weapons will get imbued with the Knowledge attribute in the first place.

STAFF EDIT: Knowledge is already part of combat through magic.


This idea is cool, for sure. I don’t think it will be added to the game because intelligence already has an out of combat effect(bonus to xp gained) and in combat effect(magic as you already stated). Strength has carrying weight and melee damage, and Dexterity has travel speed and ranged. Again, I’m not against this idea, but it probably won’t be added.

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