[Rejected] [Poll] Adjustment to Child Creation Ban

  • Yes, 6 months is too long, lower to 4
  • No, 6 months is fine, leave it as is
  • Other - posted in topic to explain

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I’ve always been critical of the six month ban on creating child characters, and though I understand why it exists as a deterrent there’s some adjustments I wish to suggest.

The current six month one is a bit harsh for a first offence, I think. I know that many will argue that there’s ways to avoid it, but I’ve heard quite a few cases of people just being plum unlucky or screwing up without malicious intent. And so, for I first offence, I recommend it be reduced from six months to four.

But that’s not the only adjustment I suggest, because we also want it to teach a lesson. So for a second offence I think the six months is perfectly reasonable, and further I advocate for every offence after it be doubled.


I second the change to the ban, though, am pretty bias considering I’m currently on the 3rd month of said ban. :sweat_smile: for me, it was just plain forgetfulness and busy circumstances, having thought my child character was an adult at the time and that I’d feed them later.


My ban is up at the end of this month anyway, but definitely feel like 6 months is steep.

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