PVP, Injuries, Mating, Whispering


Hi all,

Firstly, welcome to the new area where updates will be set. I think a separate thread for each update makes more sense.

Here’s what has been finished since the last update.

Combat is complicated. You can get a more detailed description on how it all works by reading the wiki where I’m keeping my notes, but here is a brief description. The most important aspects in combat are the quality of the weapon you are using, your skill with that weapon type, and the attribute associated with that skill. IE: I’m using a master quality bow with master skill in marksmanship and strong dexterity. If you aren’t using a weapon, you are using fists which have the lowest quality, your melee skill, and strength. You can only attempt to hit someone once per hour. Your success on the attack is largely determined by your dexterity attribute and some luck. Every time you attempt to attack someone, they will defend themselves by counter-attacking you automatically.

It will be possible in a separate feature to group up militarily.

When being attacked, there is a chance which is variable and dependent on your dexterity, that you will get a severe injury.
When they get injured you can see it in their description, and so can everyone else.

The likelihood of an injury is 10 - dexterity = % chance.
Injuries can be temporary or permanent depending on how they are healed (average of medicine quality and knowledge)
Injuries are permanent if they are never healed or if a healing attempt totally fails. Injuries are temporary if they are properly healed.
You can have multiple injuries at once - what type is random.

  1. groin injury - no mating
  2. arm - -1 strength
  3. leg - -1 dexterity
  4. head injury - -1 knowledge

Healing is a project that takes time, but can be completed faster with quality medicine and high knowledge. When health reaches 0 the characters go into an Incapable state which is a separate feature that will be worked on next. You can attempt to heal your own injuries, if you’re willing to try.

Mating is a straightforward action. It can only be attempted if all of the following are true:

  1. it has been at least 10 days since the last mating for both characters
  2. both characters are over 18 years old
  3. both characters are not incapable
  4. both characters are not from the same account
  5. neither character has an unhealed or permanent groin injury
  6. one character is male and the other is female
  7. both characters are from the same race.
  8. both characters are in the same location

When selected a request is sent to the other character through a notification that they can accept if both characters are in the same location or reject.
The requester is notified of their response. A mating will technically fail if the female is already waiting for a child (with the same or a different male) when a mate offer is accepted, but one will never know if this happens before a child is born… except for the female, of course.
If successful, the parents will be in line to accept the spawn of a new child after 120 hours (5 real days).


This is a private conversation with only one other person.
Other characters who see the whisper have the option to eavesdrop if their guile skill is greater than 2.
Chance of success to know what was said depends on luck and guile skill.
If you fail, everyone else in the area will know you tried to listen.
This option only appears while the whisper has occurred within the last 4 hours and the speaker, and the speaker, listener and eavesdropper are still in the location the whisper was spoken.
The chance of success formula is: 10 + $random + ($dexterity * 6) + ($guile * 10) = %


I really think you should allow members of different races to mate… there can be several reasons for it, from personal desire to wanting to reverse a race’s imminent extinction. FTO had some problems in this area, but I think it would be very easy to avoid them. It broke down to (I think) two: Impossible crossbreeds and unfortunate combinations.

Impossible crossbreeds: Mostly a relative size issue I think, such as the giant dragon mating with a pixie. Personally I think it could be easily ‘possibled’ in RP, like if one used magic to temporarily equalize their sizes, but if we want to avoid it all together, just assign a size rating number to the races, and disallow matings between creatures more than 1 size different.

Unfortunate combinations: I forget what the exact combination was in FTO, merfolk crossed with human or elf I think, but the effect was crossbred children who had neither parent’s mobility… couldn’t walk on land, or swim, so they couldn’t leave their birth square. But this would be solved by what I propose below:

I wanted to suggest a very simple traits system (or less simple if you want to program more options/layers) that would have 3 components:

Trait A: Racial: Defines dominant parent, setting base race-identity and default racial appearance, and any critical race-specific traits such as movement type (if you’re primarily a mermaid you will get to swim, a pixie to fly, an elf to walk, etc.) or vision (if for example, light is a thing in the game, an underground-dwelling race would get to see in the dark). This makes sure the character is not inherently helpless in some way.

Trait B: Inherited: Random chance to inherit one or more of the other parent’s traits. 50% base chance to get either parent’s racial stat-bonus and skill bonus (separate checks). A much smaller chance to get both parents’ bonus, or additional features such as movement type (eg: an elf who can also swim, aquaman like) vision, etc. Includes chance to inherit special traits (below).

Trait C: Random/Destiny: I think there should be small chances for anyone to have a special trait that just occurs at random. The magic powers some had in FTO are a good example. Unusual stat boosts (like pippi longstocking’s strength), unusual defenses (I always thought there should be defensive combat magic too - faster healing or regeneration in combat, blinding flashes or telekinetic force to make an attack miss sometimes, etc), gills to allow foraging underwater, extra foraging luck or quantity, etc.

Anyway, since trait A would always give a character of mixed parentage a defined racial base and its critical elements, you’d never get someone being stuck and helpless like in FTO.

For trait B you could also have possible inheritance of cosmetic appearance traits - if the features described in the default racial description for instance were standardized (i.e. A; members of this race have skin that ranges from a medium tan to the deepest black B: typically range from 5 to 6 feet in height, etc) then you could chance inherit one or more from the non-dominant parent, and have their coloration, facial hair, etc. A dwarf-bearded mermaid, a human-height halfling, etc.

It probably sounds more complicated than it would be… really it would just involve comparing a string of trait values in the parent characters’ files, and making some rolls to set the same string of values in the new character. It could be as simple as only determining a racial base and ensuring the critical cabapilities of that race (swimming, cold protection for ice creatures, etc) or what I described above, or a more complex system that maintains %'s and could cause a trait from a ancestor generations back to come out by surprise (like an elf with a cat’s tail). You’d just have to decide what system to make. But I’d really like to see something beyond “you must be the same race to mate” as a rule.


There is no extinction in this game, because people can spawn as adults regardless of how many people of that race exist, so that isn’t a problem. There may come a day when I will be interested in putting hybrid breeding in, but it isn’t going to be before Beta release. Despite your attempt to simplify it, there’s no getting around the fact that it’s a complicated feature. I would much rather wait until after release, reconsider the idea, and if I can figure out a good way to implement it I will move forward with it without rushing or doing it in some half-hearted way. If it’s going in the game it needs to be good, and I don’t have the time/energy/desire to make it good right now primarily because it’s a “nice-to-have”. It’s not a feature that’s necessary for the game to thrive, and all it really brings is another level of uniqueness that you don’t even have control over as a child. As an adult, it makes for some interesting conclusions to some love stories, and possible conflict, but it can wait.

I will reconsider adding it in at another point. Right now, I’m just trying to get the original ideas out the door.