Protection For Tamed Animals & Fighting Back


Newly tamed animals should have a few hours of protection to allow for time to attach carts and otherwise allow the player some time to return to the game. This is really only a problem with dangerous animals, when, for example, facing 30 polar bears on a tile.

A bubble of protection may be welcome for new animal spawns as well, so that they aren’t killed an hour after they spawn, which seems to always be the case when surrounded by predators.

Fighting Back
If animals can counter-attack us, the prey they hunt should counter-attack before they die. Right now many tiles are overtaken by top predators; this will help even the odds just a little.

I would like players to counter-attack as well but I understand that would tip the scales too far in our favor.

Same-species Attacks
Perhaps lower or completely null the chance of a predator killing a tamed predator of its kind.