Project Support


Hello, Marosia! Happy New Year and so. I hope all is going fine under the development mantle.

Recently, Marosia’s topic has been gaining strenght among the Faery Tale Online playerbase. Word is being spread around and more people is excited about this going-on project. Some of us are very eager to know if there is a way to support it. I saw there’s a Kickstarter on the grounds but that was long way back to the 2012.

Is there any way we can support the game? Kickstarter, forum, anything. Even Patreon.


Hello, I’m sorry for the delay on replying.

I’m glad to hear that there is so much enthusiasm. I do plan on putting up a Patreon, but I am not opening it to the public until the game is open to the public as well.

This is out of respect for the future player base, and to relieve pressure on myself. I am extremely grateful, and humbled that there are supporters out there with just as much excitement for the game as I have, but I would not feel comfortable receiving financial support until those supporters are able to get their hands on the game for themselves first. I want them to be able to see exactly where their money is going by seeing the game being developed from their input and support in front of their eyes.

When the game becomes open for the public, then the Patreon will be opened as well to support server costs and continued development.
The date for this is still pending, but I am continuing to work on it as we speak. I will begin putting more updates out shortly.

Thank you for your support. It definitely keeps me going.


All understood, Madam. Please, keep up with the good work. :slight_smile:


…and my axe! … or something. :stuck_out_tongue: