Precious stones/minerals aside from gems (+questions)


(Transferred over from the Discord, from the Suggestions channel)

A suggestion, (and some related questions) I would like to add into here, is lower quality (never master and perhaps only say able to be shoddy or whatever) precious stones, for example, like agate or quartz that can be used in place of a gem or maybe in place of stone. So you could make cheaper jewelry or even some unique stone items, while the more exclusive, high quality stuff is for gems. You’d get more variety in what can be created, and perhaps allow for more artsy, but not really high HIGH quality things to be made more. (Plus, I admit I have no idea how you would even feel if I were to say, make an item out of stone, but in the description call it agate/quartz/etc, and this makes the most sense to me. Also I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of or seen a few golems with some unique stone formations not found IG, which is part of the inspiration behind this idea.) Also, I can’t recall if it was suggested before, but I noticed that the siltstone has clay in it, but there is no um… clay resource? Can you make things with clay in the description since it’s in siltstone? Anyway, I’m sorry if this isn’t the most put together!