Patreon, Room Destruction, Account Penalties, Alliances, Carriers and More


Here is a look at all the updates and features since starting Open Beta, as well as a look into what features are currently being developed for future release.


  1. Patreon
    During open beta the Patreon page for the game was opened too! Our first patreon goal was met in the first month of Open Beta, and as a reward for the community making the game self-sustaining, special abilities will be developed for each race after main development has concluded. These abilities have not yet been disclosed. Thanks to all the patrons for their support :heart:!

  2. Room Destruction
    You can now smash rooms to bits and pieces with a battering ram! Use it for renovations, or for military sieges.

  3. Mints
    Turn gold into coins that can be used for more advanced conveniences in society.

  4. Item Dismantlement
    Want to upgrade your sword now that you don’t suck at smithing? Take it apart to reuse the components and remake a better version!

  5. Child Neglect Penalty
    Children are special roles whose lives drastically affect other characters around them, unlike new adult spawns, so they must be treated with care by the player at least for the first 10 days. Child characters who are suicidal or whose players are neglectful for their first year of life will force a penalty upon the player’s account.

  6. Adoption
    Qualified accounts can choose to skip the queue and adopt a child that has been neglect or willfully given up by another account, if they are in their first year of life.

  7. Monsters
    Monsters are the strongest enemies in the game and can only be found in ruins!

  8. Alliances
    A diplomacy or head leader can go to another town and offer an alliance. Allied towns can send mail to each other through carrier animals!

  9. Carriers
    Tamed animals can be used to send packages back and forth between towns, and from individuals to their home towns.

  10. Tweaks and Bugs
    Hundreds of tweaks and bugs have been adjusted throughout this time. You can look through many of the changes in the bugs and announcement channels of the discord server.

What’s Next

  1. Ruins
    Ruins are a rogue-like dungeon crawling experience being built for adventurous characters, and they can have some of the coolest treasure in the game inside with (with a bit of luck!). They’re also some of the most deadly places in the world, only outmatched by their air of mystery! More on this soon!

  2. Magic
    Magic development has begun! Magic will have schools, each with a root element. The first school being developed is fire! Here is a teaser image of what is being worked on, more on this soon!

  3. Artifacts
    Five artifacts will be released before development is finished, and their plans have not yet been disclosed. Check back later!

  4. Alchemy Expansion
    Alchemy is slated to be expanded with different types of concoctions such as poisons and knock-outs.

  5. Racial Abilities
    These are still being planned and will not yet be disclosed, but check back later for updates on the subject!