Patreon Rewards


This discussion is around Patreon rewards including tiered rewards, and rewards from reached goals. The purpose is to discuss what kinds of rewards are desirable so that the options are worthwhile to patrons, and that everyone gets something fun out of the game having supporters (not just the ones who are supporting).

Goals will often be something which expands game content, such as adding more races, continents, and functionality like sailing ships. They are extra, non-planned, non-essential expansions of content that usually take a lot of time and effort that was not originally envisioned for the game, but which also add exciting new functionality. Rewards for tiers must not give patrons an in-game advantage over other players and will never give access to being staff. Below I will be listing considerations for the different types of rewards which will be edited/updated regularly to stay current.

Opinions, comments, and suggestions are welcome and encouraged. These options are being considered generally at this stage, without necessarily having a number in mind yet. If accepted, an associated tier or goal will be chosen by me.

Here is the list of considerations for Patreon Tier Rewards:

  • A personal thank you to each patron of a tier listed on the front page of the site.
  • Access to a voice chat room in the discord.
  • Access to patreon-only weekly dev/work related posts so patrons can get a more in-depth view of progress on the game. Everyone gets general status updates, but this would be in a more personal way and on a regular basis, such as posting images of scheduling, concept art, architecture designs, etc.
  • When/if official game art can be afforded, a monthly thank you patron-only post that includes new downloadable game art; such as backgrounds, avatars, etc.
  • Additional character ‘any’ slot. This would probably be top tier to remain special.
  • Physical merchandise (tshirts, plushies, etc).

If you were to/do donate, what would you like to see as a reward?


Perhaps an official avatar for your own character?