Option to 'Specialize' Other Characters


Similar in line with having content about Your Character being a different color, It’d be nice if you could have it so the actions or speech of a certain other not-you character is colored or bolded.

You click on their character sheet and it’s a button near notes perhaps? To specialize or gild them. Whatever you want to call it.

Some places are very busy and a lot of scrolling must be done, even if you filter it to dialog. You miss things cause they blend in.

Example contains You, Hana, and Elroy.
You: Hello Hana, love of my life, person I care about and not Elroy who I don’t even know as they are a stranger and I don’t care what they do.

Hana: I love you, You.

Hana took beef x1 from cool bag.

Elroy: Minding my own business…

High Population Roleplay Features

I think there are better ways of designing a feature that would help with sorting through logs in places with a lot of people aside from relying on dynamic color to construe meaning. It would be a design/ui problem having different colors able to be set for different posts outside of the theme (lots of different colors on a page is usually considered ugly and sloppy looking).

I have opened up another topic that encompasses this one, so it can be continued there: High Population Roleplay Features

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