Open Beta: August 7th


I am proud to announce Open Beta will begin on August 7th.

Invite Only (Temporarily)
Since it’s just me managing everything from the players to the code, I have put in an invitation system to mitigate the flow of players into the game until I feel the game population has equalized enough to open the game entirely (and safely). I know everyone would like to jump in, but this is to bring mercy upon myself and the other players, so that the game isn’t swamped with too many people at once. If something goes wrong during launch, I want to be able to react to it quickly and resolve it in a timely fashion, rather than being put into a position of playing catch up, which would result in a game lockdown - and no one likes those. :slight_smile:

I will be handing out the initial sets to active discord participants who have been waiting for this phase of the game, and will also be handing out about 5 codes a day to those who ask in the chat before the invitation system will be available to those who participated in the Closed phase. They will be able to generate one invite per day, which expires in one day, that is usable for a single person. If you have not been in the discord server, and would like to play early on in Open Beta, go there on the 7th and ask for a code.

The invitation system is only a temporary measure for launch. It will be lifted after a week or two, and registrations will be able to be completed without a code, if you would like to wait until then.