One time use poison darts +EDIT


After tossing around ideas for hypothetical poisoned weapons and such in my head, I came up with something that could be worth noting.

Anyway, the basic idea is to have a one time use dart that can be poisoned. As in a specific weapon that can only be used to poison and it won’t 100% of the time strike the target. Basically, you’ll either hit the person with said item, or they’ll dodge it. The item can then ‘break’ regardless of if it successfully strikes the intended target.

I’m not a math nerd, so I don’t really know how this sort of thing would work, but… here too is another idea:

Consider the chance of the dart even missing the target entirely and hitting someone else if that person fails to dodge and is in the room?

Perhaps it could use guile or some other thing to avoid revealing who shot the dart? Or perhaps it could even take into account how many people are in the area?

There is also other things to consider to add flavor and complexity. Perhaps the dart would need to be unequipped to poison? (note I’m not sure if equipping things even shows up in the logs for other people aside from you. If it doesn’t show, then perhaps it could in this case?)

Maybe even waiting for the poison to dry on the dart? A timer for how long the toxin would remain ‘active’ on the dart before it fails to work entirely? (To avoid people doing this too far ahead of time and abusing things.) Perhaps like with food, it can also be seen to be poisoned depending on the person’s skill and the level of poison both in the inventory and if it’s equipped on a person?

EDIT: Consider even having ONLY alchemists of the same level or higher then the toxin used as able to add poison to a dart or even in general (for all weapons, that’s what I mean by general), taking into account the above restrictions

Sorry if this isn’t formatted too great. I thought I’d leave it a bit more open ended.