Lets add refs


Uhh, petition to add the ability to put reference images to clothing, weapons, armor, etc. like we can on notes? For the players that find it really difficult to describe items?
Alternatively, players could add links in item descriptions?


Unfortunately, this will never be added. Links can be abused and point to malicious content, which is extremely hard to track and moderate across items in the game. Similarly, allowing the uploading of images is limited to two places - notes, and character avatars, both of which are easy to narrow down and check for moderating purposes. Allowing items in general to have this ability just leaves the game open to some pretty serious and easily widespread abuse, that frankly I don’t want to spend time on. Also I would say it detracts more from custom descriptions than I would like - its easier to use an image than to write a description, so I’d rather not encourage invalidating the text based aspect of custom items which is a huge creativity aspect of the game.