If you are new here, welcome! Introduce yourself, and tell us a little about who you are in this topic. How did you find out about us? What about this game appeals to you? What kind of character do you want to play?



I just wanted to say that I am a new player, and I’m looking forward to seeing Marosia undergo further development!


Hi Vazalco, thanks for checking out the game, and welcome. :slight_smile:


It’s gonna be awesome, still hyped ngl


It’s coming. Steadily. Keep checking in, I have updates every 1-2 weeks right now, and it’s actually getting better now that I’m working and not doing as much school.

Shooting for Beta at the end of the year. Not a promise, but that’s my goal, and we’re close.


Waaaaaaah? End of the year?! searches for her jaw somewhere on the floor Now I’m hyped as well. Not sure what ngl means, but I guess I’m ngl too xD


ngl = not gonna lie also end of the year? That’s awesome.


Yeah well, honestly, if she doesn’t get it finished by the end of the year, I’m gonna find her, lock her in a basement and tell her I’m not gonna let her out before it’s finished.


The end of the year?! Wow! I can’t wait! I really hope I can hop in soon and start testing things. I’m a pretty good tester, if I say so myself. I test a lot of MUDs and stuff, finding bugs for people.


Hey all, just thought I would look into how this was going. I’m glad to see it seems to be still in development. I was one of the kickstarter backers who really believed in this project back in 2012 and joined in on some of the forum rp fun from back then. Keep at it, I still plan on playing.


The Discord link isn’t working. Is it still around?


Hooowdy. I’m Aurkae. I founded Avians.


I am Noobalot and I sometimes go by Sir Noobalot or Sir Noobalot of Noobishland, you can also go by my first name if you’d like.

Just like the name says, I’m basically the scrub of all scrubs that rubs other scrubs with their scrubs with other scrubs with more scrubs while scrubbing myself with another scrub with their scrub. But in reality, it’s kind of a self-deprecation of sorts and I like the name because it fits me pretty well like bread and butter.

I would like to hope we can all get on the right and proper footing. Will not hold it against any of you that have ill-feelings.

  1. Someone from the FTO IRC talked about it.
  2. The game is basically a friendlier FTO with a community mixed with all sorts of players and role-players alike. Probably the only non-toxic community I’ve encountered.
  3. Considering I lack experience as a role-player but type pretty okay. Until I get the hang of understanding the differences between reality and fantasy. I’ll answer that question later.


i am a new player and also completely new to rpg’s, i am not even sure where to start. I put in a name and started refining iron, no clue what to do next. This looks very interesting and am willing to learn with some help. :slight_smile: thank you


Hi, I started playing a couple of weeks ago now and am having a blast! I’ve got two characters currently and am really happy to have found something to allow me to RP at my own pace.

I found it through fairly randomly.

I hope to stick with this game/ role play for a long time. Here’s to the years ahead!


Welcome to the game @Titan and @sassylady we are happy to have you! Glad you are enjoying yourself.
If you ever feel like dropping by for a chat, lots of players hang out on the Discord server too.


I found this website through a friend, and she didn’t really fill me in so much as dump me into the thick of things, so here I am! Never done rp like this, but I’m getting the hang of it and the website is really lovely.


Hi. I’ve been roleplaying for about 19 years now, mostly in MUDs that require RP. I love pbbg games these days because I have a family that needs tending to and I can’t be involved in heavy MUD scenes for hours and hours and hours, those that require constant supervision for reaction.

Japheth dragged me here. I’m glad he did.


Hello! New to the game here, sort of… I actually started last month, but haven’t starting posting on the forums until now. I sort of… stumbled into this game while googling Faery Tale online related stuff. I think I like this game since it takes FAR less time to actually get in and play, and the fact that I can choose my race appeals to me.