Inactive people


What should we do about people who keeps working on projects, but who doesn’t roleplay at all? I don’t mean people who are inactive, and just pops in from time to time, but those who always work on projects, and never ever replies to anything that is directed towards them? It is especially annoying when these characters are children, and when they keep gathering resources and mining. My FTO-PTSD tells me that they could be terrible trolls when they turn into adults with maxed strength to do lots of damage. I know it is not gonna be as huge a problem here in Marosia with Nyx keeping watch, but it is still annoying.


I had a similar issue. A child(who just turned 14) just made food and made containers all day to put the food in. FTO PTSD made me remember the trolls who would do the same just to run off, and sure enough, this character took some tools before running off. I reported it to Nyx anyways. That’s all you can do.


We had a kid who kept harvesting, not roleplaying much more than a bare minimum, and sparring with the other kids. Now that he is close to grown, he started roleplaying being really agressive and mean to everyone, and before he left us he threatened to come back to kill us later. We could not do anything about that, because he is likely one of the strongest characters of the race by now, at the very least much stronger than any of the others in that town. It sucks.


Childhood specifically is the time to learn and practice. All children should be doing that. In fact it is the main reason to start as a child in the game, since you are seriously hampered during childhood.
Parents have the tools to somewhat steer what their children are doing, and even could ‘teach’ them to be more social using their power over children.

I think there is nothing wrong with a silent learner child character.

The real issue here is what they do with their skills afterwards. Agressive characters usually are disliked, because they disturb ‘normal’ life. It is a big issue in Cantr too.
Marosia however has a few built-in mechanics to minimize the influence of those ‘berserkers’. Buildings/locks/rest rooms, other (child) characters can simply become as strong, guards and other groups, and the ruins with their special challenges and treasures.

Violence is part of life, sometimes. Enjoy dealing with it, like dealing with other challenges. (disclaimer: i will personally never play agressive chars)


While Violence is a part of life, I think the issue here is that these character just sit down without RPing and just work and train and ignore anything anyone posted at them? Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s how I understand it. The fact that the person in Shanell’s example suddenly started being violent and aggressive when they turned 14 would just seem to come out of nowhere and it bothers me when people try to excuse that behaviour by saying 'Well, they were just a quiet anti-social character." One is capable of bringing that through in RP and this, first and foremost, is an RP game.


Yeah, that is what I mean exactly. You can roleplay a quiet, anti-social character just fine, but you have to actually roleplay it. Emotes are there for a reason. If you do not want to roleplay your character, only grind skills, then play world of warcraft instead.


What kind of features or tools can be created as solutions to this issue?

The kind of inactivity you are talking about can definitely be caught by code, very easily, but the question would be what to do with them. I already remove accounts after a period of time if they are inactive without response and just sleep working, but to what extent should this be pursued?

I currently do not have daily reports for checking into these things, I look into them as they are reported, so this aspect could be automated at least. It also would not necessarily solve the people who just run off and work on their own - I don’t hold no emoting against characters who have no one to emote to.

Just wondering what we can do to solve the issue, and perhaps starting a brainstorming session :smiley:


Automated deletes because of ‘inactivity’ can be dangerous. I will be 99% offline for almost a week very soon. Would hate to find out my char is gone after that.
The best way to make people roleplay (at least to some extent) is rewarding the roleplay in some way. Not by just counting the amount of words or the frequency of postings, but somewhat more subtle. The reward could be some kind of social standing (the reverse of guile?), which helps in the society part of the game.


To make it clear, I am not talking about people who have been inactive for a week. One of my characters has a child who is 14 now, and the last time he posted (I believe) he was about 6.

As for a solution, perhaps a way could be added to the game to tell people that a character has not been roleplayed on for two weeks or something like that, and to remind them that people would like to roleplay with them. If they still do not post anything for another week, then a report could be sent to Nyx to look through? This could not trigger if the character is alone. It would generate some reports, I guess, but it should not be too much of a problem to look through it, right? Just send a message they can reply to with their reason for not roleplaying.


Yes, I will be putting in something like this today because I am also bothered by this. Some of the inactivity is even by active players who play just fine on their other characters but despite not liking an environment for whatever reason they will not give up their character [so someone else might be able to actually play them]. I will make an effort to actively discourage this with a friendly reminder at first, and then questioning / a closer look at the account if its getting excessive.

It isn’t a perfect solution though. The fact is, some players just don’t want to roleplay with the other characters around them on a particular char, despite being active on their other characters. In some cases, even if I tell them to roleplay more often, that’s the most I can do. It’s not really a punishable offense to play one character less than your others, or to not have developed a personality.


Maybe such “inactives” could be punished with slower development on skills and projects with a friendly reminder that more sociable people develop faster ;d


That’s not a bad idea. Just need to make sure that people who are alone on a tile isn’t affected by it.


Yep - not sure if that was on purpose, but this has been discussed in discord, and the discussion result was, as stated above, having EXP tied to inactivity would remove incentive for pure simming.

Specifically, if you go 4 whole days without posting anything on a character that you check regularly, who is on a tile with other people, then EXP gain would be lowered. A notification would appear on day 2 to let you know you’re low on posts for a character you are actively checking but not roleplaying on.

This would not trigger if you aren’t checking the character at all, if they’re hibernating, or if they are a hermit living on their own. Being alone in a room would not count, as it is expected that you pop out once in a while to post something in the community you are living in - even if it’s as simple as emoting moving to grab something and going back inside. The general consensus is that some roleplay, even a little, is better than none at all because it provides something for others to react to.
Which is what this game is all about.

Even though a decision has been reached I will leave this topic open if anyone has anything they would like to add until the tweak is actually implemented.


Here I am new to the game, reading the forums for the first time and this topic has caught my eye. I must say I am not a native english speaker and I do think in my own language - so every sentence I write I have to check out for mistakes and even this way, my writing sounds strange sometimes. What shall I do? Shall I continue writing my short sentences and hope they are written well enough to be understood? Or shall I stop playing this game that I really enjoy?!
There are many english speaking people that try the game and do not understand the mechanics or just don’t resonate with its purpose and therefore choose not to play it. But among those that choose to play this game there are also foreign people who make efforts to roleplay their parts. Add to this the fact that the game is new, and they also need to learn the mechanics. What to do with these foreign people? Are they a public for this game too, or is Marosia closed for them?

I’m saying let’s not be so exclusivist. If we want to hang up only with our kind we might end up with a really small crowd.


What does having english as a second language have to do with inactivity? Some effort is all that is required to avoid getting an exp debuff. No one is being excluded at all, so I am not sure what your argument is about.


I am not a native English speaker either, and I must say that playing games like Marosia have helped me lots in writing English properly. I use an online dictionary, and look up words that I am not sure of. It does take a bit longer to write my posts that way, but it should be easier to read them, and I learn new words, which in turn makes it quicker to write future posts.


First of all, I’d like to say that you were right, Nyx. The fact that english is my second language has nothing to do with being active.
(thank you Shanell for encouragement - yes, this sort of games are excellent for learning English)

But I must say I am still strongly against diminishing skill gains for people who don’t roleplay. I don’t think we’re seeing the whole picture. There must be something that makes these people stop roleplaying. I tend to believe that spawning in a crowded location could be a factor. When there are too many people around, sometimes the best moment to jump in the conversation could be hard to find. Also, if - because of various reasons - you don’t get to emote often enough, after some time it gets more difficult to join in the conversation. People come and go and things happen around you, but you don’t take part. And you still want to play the game because you find it interesting. Some might get frustrated and turn to violence, as someone mentioned. Some will just continue living this way like a functional walker till they grow tired and quit.
And I’m absolutely certain that slowing down the development of skills for these people is not a solution to this problem.
You can’t force someone to talk and punish them for not doing so. It’s just wrong. It is an aggressive way to deal with this problem. We don’t want to push people away, we want them to join us.

People don’t play games to get punished. They play games to have fun.


The game is about roleplay however. The punishment is simply if the player can’t put something as basic as she yawns as she moves from one project to another or he blinks a few times as he wakes up every 4 RL days with the warning/prompt after 2.

This also provides an opening for everyone around them to interact because for e.g. if I don’t see movement I wouldn’t go out of my way to talk to said silent, unmoving character unless they’d just arrived because there’s 0 guarantee they’re awake. A simple emote or sentance might lead to a lot more even in a busy town and if it doesn’t well then nothing is gained but nothing is lost either in regards to exp.


At first I disagreed with you Selena, but I guess I see your point. If for whatever reason someone doesn’t want to RP, then the punishment won’t change it. And yes, I agree with it, that we shouldn’t be punishing the players and all.
But to me seems like this was implemented not to punish anyone or to force people to play. It was simply implemented to stop people from spawning “duds” serving just as resource source for towns. I’ve seen that happen a lot in Cantr, at least in the polish zone. People created a chars and made them live in some particular location and just work for the good of the community, because they liked the player who was playing the ruling char.


This feature has already been put into place and is not really up for debate at this point. I am developing a game for a specific type of player, and that is a roleplayer. It is intentional to exclude simmers because they add nothing beyond mechanical gains to the game. I have played games like this where pure simmers were part of the player base, and it resulted in a lot of duds and way less gameplay each time a character was spawned because you couldnt find someone to actually roleplay with.

So I am not really interested in discussions about removing this feature after I have just implemented it. I made my decision, and I would rather emphasize the importance of roleplay in the game as a punishment rather than make roleplay look optional by giving a reward. Despite your complaints, many players have seemed to do just fine with the change and from what I have seen it has done its job and encouraged inactive players to actually play.

However, if you want to talk about additional ways in which we can encourage RP over pure simming, then I am willing to hear that out.