High Population Roleplay Features


Currently it can be more difficult than necessary to follow roleplay relevant to you when in highly populated areas. Part of this is because everyone is in the same location because they are not using buildings (this will be somewhat alleviated when windows are finished), but part of it is also because of the way the game shows messages. This topic is being opened to discuss new implementations that can help make roleplay in highly populated areas more enjoyable as a player.

Current features which already do something to help with this:

  • Setting up buildings to be areas of work where like characters can interact while working, such as a smithy.

  • Windows which allow communication with the outside when your characters are inside.

  • Event filters that let you sort through event content as a player to only the types of content you are interested in reading specifically.

Here are some suggestions which have already been posted on this topic (and closed, as we are making this topic all inclusive):

Here are some additional suggestions from me personally:

  • Group Discussions: Allows sending messages that show up normally for others in your group, but they show up collapsed for others outside of it, allowing members to keep group conversation to themselves and optionally readable by others instead of always taking up the center stage. If characters outside want to get involved they will be able to open the collapsed RP and read it, which means they opt in to scenes in specific groups rather than the player being forced to read it to see if there is anything contextually relevant to them. Players will already know by default that a group discussion is probably not relevant to them if they are not part of the group. This wouldn’t require any sort of eavesdropping to read or get involved either, it just makes it easier for the player to know what to ignore right away.
    – If it is group based, we could also just have a new “social” group which has the sole purpose of allowing this functionality without any of the extra trust requirements of the other groups (being moveable for example).
    – Alternately, it doesn’t have to just be group based, we could have this sort of message behavior without groups at all, and just allow the player to pick characters to direct their roleplay to from the get go. Groups would save some clicking though.
    – An example of what someone outside the group would see: You see [character] speaking to [their group or character list] (has option to open and read more detail like when you drag a bunch of items).

  • City Districts: Maybe there could be a way to expand the city into new districts that still have access to the areas resources, but which have their own set of buildings. They would have all the same limitations as the main district (like animal limits) and all the same benefits (like factories) shared across all districts. That would be a pretty huge coding project and overhaul, and could would have a lot of issues to work out (like what happens to districts when a town hall is destroyed, and if the ability to make it is based on settlement status what happens if that is lost, etc).
    – A simpler alternative might be allowing the construction of a special building that which allows resources to be accessed from the inside, but that can only be built as accessible from the main tile (not as an inner room to another building, because that is too much of an advantage to defense during a siege).
    – Either way, this would allow characters to spread out while remaining urbanites, and could give different towns an even more unique look and feel because they would have customizeable areas that are still considered as being “outside” for RP purposes.

Different color for messages pertaining your character
Option to 'Specialize' Other Characters
Suggestion - Structural Benefits

Okay, this is a discussion that interests me. Here are my thoughts:

-Allowing gathering in specialized buildings sounds like a great plus to me. Part of the reason why people spend time outside is because there are certain str-based skills, such as gathering and mining, that can only be worked outdoors. In short - this would solve the need for non-smlth str-based chars to work outside.

-I think that labeling actions that only affect your character in another color is a good suggestion. I tend to abuse the whisper feature to reach other characters precisely because the different coloring stands out in a crowd.

-I am unsure about how to go around a group feature. Wouldn’t it conflict in some way wirh the present military and travel groups? Would it really bei that used, given that people prefer to have travel groups set up for moving purposes? I would see it working if somehow traveling groups also had that feature. Otherwise, people would keep moving their companions inside if they wanted to chit-chat.

-I see something as City Districts working as a post-release thing, when animals can be moved about and there are more people playing the game. Right now it would probably mean having to come up with an urbanistic plan, building a battering ram and move the facilities into the appointed districts, something for which not many towns or town leaders have the resources, manpower nor brain ability to push for.

-This is more of a suggestion of mine to help with the FOMO: what if we had a filter option on the account menu where we can choose what triggers the ‘New Event’ message in our chars?

Hopefully they serve to encourage more people to speak their minds on the matter :slight_smile:


I love all these ideas.

The social group would need to be concomitant with the other groups, perhaps even able to be in 2-3 social groups simultaneously. I’d also love to have the option to whisper to the whole travel/militant group.

Harvesting inside pertinent buildings… just… Love it.

Districts would be amazing, and if I can then go back to the suggestion of warning bell (even people inside can hear) and yelling (everyone outside in different districts and open windows can hear). But not as buildings. Should be something else, otherwise it’ll be a pain to implement to existing towns. I’d say you could also move buildings across districts as a leader or economic leader, redrawing district lines.


Mmm, being able to move districts manually as a leader sounds like something that may not happen.

While I would very much welcome it from a commodity standpoint, doing so would eliminate RP opportunities of people moving buildings from a place to the other and the uses of a battering ram.

I think Nyx wants people to work in groups to achieve certain things and destroying and rebuilding things from a place to the other sounds like a chance for a group opportunity.