Goal Met: Racial Abilities


I’m kicking off suggestions from the community on what they think would be cool ideas for a race-specific ability for each of the different races.

There is no need to work out balance here or debate about how it should work. We can do that at a later time, right now, we just need tons of ideas to pick from!

So please go ham.



I’ve already posted my ideas!

Will link again here for posterity, though.


I only have one idea.

Therians. “Animal form”. Allow them to shapeshift in to a nondescript “animal form” with its own special perks, but it disables crafting.


Putting here for posterity.

I’m hoping for something like this: A second possible ‘weapon’ for attack. Every sanguine spawns with this weapon. It can’t be dropped or given, or broken, weighs nothing, and gives no xp when used. When ‘used/equipped’ the event shown would be "You see so-and-so bare their fangs’ rather than the 'so and so uses [weapon name]…
When equipped, and the Sanguine uses it to attack, a flat damage amount is done. ‘John attacks Jill with their fangs for 12 damage.’
Damage is flat, and always equivalent to having a weak weapon (probably equal to using fists). So, Fangers won’t have combat advantage, because it’d be basically like hitting with fists. It would allow actually incapacitating someone, as your finishing move in a fight, with your teefsies.
It would give nourishment, though max would need to be perhaps that of a 1 junk ingredient meal. The feeding shouldn’t be something that can remove the need to farm and hunt and cook. More for RP flavor but with -something- happening to nourishment.
I would want it to apply even to other Sanguines, so that feeding your kids is more than just RP thirst quenching. And, of course, grown up couples can get off on nomming their lover :smile:
If you used this kind of attack, it’s subject to the same cooldown as a normal attack. So, no double hits like Many brought up.
People would also need to have their guard down if you don’t want them to retaliate. So, in an actual fight, you would likely still use your weapon until your opponent is low in health. Then on your next turn, get all bloodlusty and chomp.
In family type setting, the parent or lover would see that someone is thirsty through RP, and choose to relax to let the other person take a bite. Though, Sanguine lovers probably both ‘bare teeth’ at each other and fight it out :smile:


Do racial abilities have be supportive, passive or active?

I’ve got an idea for one race even though I do not play it. How about a racial ability for the Avians where they can fly up to three tiles long where the time to travel to get there is based on how long they get to one tile. The only handicap that it can be only used once one or three years and that they could only go north and south or west and east.

The other variant for the idea is lowered traveling times on the road when foot. Except that instead of walking, they’re flying with the only limitations that they cannot go over mountains or any areas the game map does not allow a player character to go through.

Both limitations require them to not be on a mount or in a vehicle.


I’ll throw some random ideas out there… Whether or not any will be good or doable, I don’t know, but maybe it will help.


  1. Since this race has so much variability based on the type of animal a therian is bonded with, it would be fun to be able to select one out of a few possible bonuses during character creation. Maybe these could be inherited traits for children.
    Traits would go along with the race bonuses of strength and ranching. Something like: Choose between ease of bonding with predator animals vs prey animals.

  2. Gain experience without weapon or use claws/teeth/horn/antlers as weapon.

  3. Ability to herd/move animals or tend to a larger number of animals.

  4. Option to breed two animals of the same type, which would be a project and result in a new animal spawning.

  5. Ability to blend in with local wildlife, displaying on the animal list if out in the wilderness and absent from the character list.

  6. Ease ability to eat or prepare raw food resources.

  7. Defense against cold or heat if weather is added.


  1. Tracking skills. They can see if any person was on a tile within the past two days and which way the tracks lead.

  2. A slow-down on some ability after consuming a meal and a boost on something otherwise.


  1. Ability to make buildings only acceptable to fae/avians.

  2. Extra ingredient slot for meals.

  3. Some ability to fly up and see the surroundings since fae shouldn’t really need a watchtower for that. (At least adult fae.)

  4. Fly out of reach of animal attacks for a certain number of hours, which would also disable crafting and projects, and would only be useable once a day or something.



  1. Able to make burrows that act like houses, doesn’t require resources. Maybe have an option to disguise burrow entrance and can be spotted by a player with high enough guile.
  2. Able to catch fish with less effort required and maybe without a fishing rod.


  1. Active regen ability that lets them heal a bit faster naturally but has a cooldown after using it.
  2. Poison fangs, weapon, no exp, low damage, non damage scaling, chance of poisoning opponent and the chance can be increased with dexterity/melee.


  1. Gains natural armor that stacks with clothing and regular armor.
  2. Upon golem’s death it drops a random stone,ore or gem depending total exp, highest attribute or skill it had. Age / 10 = amount of minerals it drops.
  3. Cannot use medicine to heal itself, has to process ores or gems to create ore powder or gem powder to heal, does less healing than medicine would do with ores but with gems they gain normal amount of healing with equal quality medicine would give.Uses alchemy still to create powder, might need another precursor to balance it if too overpowered.


  1. Able to sense living beings one tile away if they are in a biome that’s not absent of life, badlands, desert etc. Basically has a watchtower effect on woodlands, jungle etc.
  2. Animal and monster aggro is -1 while they are present on the area. Affects all players.
  3. -20% to base hitpoints, 2-10% to evasion formula scales with dexterity. 2% per level.


  1. Animals and monsters in the area aggro becomes +1 if their strength is lower than the animal or monster power, if it’s above then the aggro becomes -1. Only affects the Daemon player.
  2. Killing a player controlled character lets them have a percentage of their melee exp.


  1. Able to shed feathers once per character year. Feathers would be classed as material or optional material for tailoring, their quality formula could be Age/10 = Quality. Amount of feathers that drop would be random or set amount whatever seems more balanced.


Golem Idea:
In certain weathers (or biomes, if that’s more do-able) golems gain benefits or detriments.

Ex. Marshy/Rainy = slower project progress or walking travel time

Can’t think of many specific things, since I don’t know how the main of biomes and weather works- but I think its a cool, unique thing for golems.

It would encourage them making their homes in certain biomes too, weather based or not.


I’m a bit new to this game and forum so I’m not sure if this has been brought up. Also it’s not quite a specific racial ability, but it is dependent on race.

What if for characters that start as an adult, they were allowed to chose a single stat to boost. This boost doesn’t have to be a full level up, but at least something to help them out a bit. The catch is that they aren’t allowed to boost something that their race already has the advantage in. For instance, Kobold’s get +1 Knowledge and +1 Mining. So they can only choose something out of the Dexterity section like Tailoring, because they already have a natural boost in something from the Knowledge and Strength (mining). For more examples, Folk can choose something out of Strength or Dexterity because they have +1 Knowledge/Manufacturing. Sanguine can choose something out of Strength because they have +1 Dexterity/Guile.

I don’t know the “Meta” for this game, it just seems like kids are a bit OP(and rightfully so due to the amount of time investment required). Instead of nerfing children, this could be a nice buff for adults.

Edit: I thought guile was a dex based ability, silly me. Corrected it though.


This isn’t much of an ability but racial quirk/perk:
Golems able to feed on stones (maybe not cook with them), but less filling when eating meat for instance

Daes would get more filling from meats than plants, same with sanguine (I love suggestions towards sanguine being able to munch on people)

Therians and avians would need to choose on spawn (for new ones) or inherit from parents, a carnivore, omnivore (no buffs, no debuffs) or herbivore preference

Nagas favour meats and eggs, kobolds and faes no idea, folk get omnivore.