Founding Week


Founding Week

I wanted to update you all to let you know we are currently in the Founding Week, where all the racial groups establish their creation and culture! I also want to let you know what is coming up next. Closed Beta will last until around the first week of July. That’s going to give time for all the groups to get settled in, and it’s going to give me some time to make some additions and improvements to the game before it is opened up to everyone. Namely, magic and artifacts!

Pretty soon I will be handing out up to 30 Beta Keys for use during this Closed Beta testing phase. If you would like to be part of this phase, you will need to be active on the discord channel.

What’s Next

  1. Temple Abilities
    These are abilities that will be specific to those who serve in the temples but I am still planning out how these will work.

  2. Ruins
    Ruins are special landmarks or long-abandoned places. These will be procedurally generated dungeons which contain treasure, puzzles, potentially artifacts, and the most dangerous enemies in the game… monsters.

  3. Monsters
    These are hostile beasts that protect their homes with power that only the strongest of warriors could defeat. Be careful, or be prepared!

  4. Container Locks
    Currently containers cannot be locked, but we’re going to fix that!

  5. Item Dismantlement
    You will be able to break down items back into their components. It’s undecided if it will come at a cost, or even what kind.

  6. Alchemy Expansion
    Alchemy is going to be greatly expanded! You can read about how on the wiki.

  7. Magic
    This is still in the planning phase, but a number of different magics will be implemented, along with an apprenticeship system, and more.

  8. Artifacts
    Artifacts are magical items with power that anyone who owns it can use. This is still being planned!

  9. Polish V4
    There are a variety of improvements that will be added, such as the Factory facility which lets you craft more than one item in a single project.

  10. Open Beta
    Then the game will be opened up for everyone!