Eventual Further Alchemy expansion


I have an idea for expanding Alchemy in post-release development. There are two parts I was thinking about, 1) expanding the ingredients that are able to be used, an example would be being able to use honey because it’s a natural antibacterial and already exists in game, another would be maybe certain kinds of tree bark. 2) being able to process alchemical substances in different ways, eg. grinding stuff into powders, mixing raw ingredients, drying things, etc, which would allow for a lot more end products/ways to create medicines that aren’t restricted to herbs and the alembic.


The only thing I’d suggest is infertility/sterile type poisons that are aimed at damaging a character’s ability to reproduce.


…and a fertility type potion to increase a character’s chance of getting pregnant.


Having more different ways of making potions, like we do with cooking, would be awesome!

As for infertility poison, it would be cool as long as the damage isn’t permanent. That way it could both be used as a poison meant to harm, and as a potion for those who doesn’t want to risk a pregnancy. Could bring some interesting RP opportunities.

Perhaps a poison could do damage to either strength, dexterity or knowledge, that passes after a given time? Like something that makes you dizzy, gives a headache or something? That too would give cool RP opportunities, and if it is not permanent, but lasts like… a year or something it shouldn’t be too overpowered either. Perhaps the duration could even depend on quality?.