Dismantling inventions/containers/tools


Elaborating on this from a discord chat.

We had dismantling of inventions, containers, tools and some other items disabled due to transportation shenanigans, as per this announcement:
Tweak: Dismantling wooden masks, inventions, pens, tools, keys, containers, and jewelry will no longer return resources, unless they contain metal, in which case they will take 2x as long to take apart as they took to put together. This addresses mechanical exploits around weight for the purpose of transporting goods.

Maybe Marosia is in average a lot more resource-abundant than what I’ve experienced in my characters, but I feel that, if people were exploiting needles and pens to transport goods, they were probably quite scarce, and thus dismantling these useful things in a scarce environment would still be somewhat necessary (though probably not a priority).

So, first, I’d like to address inventions. When you start an invention, you could opt to make it small, medium or large. Small inventions would weigh the original materials divided by 20, and not be dismantlable. Medium would weigh the same as the material cost, and be dismantlable. Large could weigh the same as original materials, but not be able to fit into a container or be picked up, just dragged, and be dismantlable.

Secondly, tools, containers, jewellery, and possibly all other items I think could go by weight instead of category…
Crafts that result in small weight things <1 be non dismantlable
Crafts that result in same weight as materials be dismantlable
Crafts that result in less weight than materials but >1 could have a random pick of materials. Say something made with 2 stone 1 wood has final weight of 2, you get 2 random materials back. If one of the materials is metal, metal gets priority. If all are metal, then default back to the 2x dismantling time rule.


No, they were not scarce and it was not necessary. The cases where this happened were strategic, but not necessary at all, and considered an exploit which was why it was corrected.

The forum section of suggestions should generally be for additions to the game post release. It is not for discussing tweaks to current beta based features, and for the most part if some change is considered important or crotical it should be discussed in the Discord because it is faster than long form conversation.

I am not interested in making any tweaks like this to existing behavior right now, but I will leave this here for review post release. For now, the current tweaks solve the problem and that is what matters.