Developer Appreciation: Form Recovery


This is just a short thread I’m writing since, while my previous suggestion seemed a bit unceremoniously ended, the “unsent post” thing just saved me at least an hour of re-writing (and probably also improperly) re-creating a post of mine.

While not true form recovery, I originally thought that I had lost it due to a network fault or other error, and unlike all other large posts I sent before, I hadn’t copied this one to my clipboard first. I panicked and began looking for solutions to recover POST data, realizing that if the tab remains unclosed it is possible to recover the data. Since I was on my phone when it happened (even worse), I began to install an android profiler in the hopes a miraculous data dump would save me. As it was downloading I checked my email and realize the post was saved. I very much appreciate this feature as it is easy enough to just block the data and create an error popup, causing the user to lose everything. This happened to me a few times in another text based browser game called Battlemaster, and it appears I never learned my lesson.

Let this be a warning to all who write large posts directly in the text box and don’t make an effort to save them before submission: I got lucky, but if it had been lost due to something other than an automated block on large messages, well, I would probably be out of luck. At the very least copy your text first. It should probably go without saying, but alas. Thanks anyways.