Description suggestion


I don’t know how viable this suggestion but I’ll lay it out and see where it goes.

What I’m thinking of is splitting up the description into various ‘nakeds’ which would then be auto-formatted into a proper description for when people look at you. Each part would then be covered up or bare depending on what ‘coverage’ is set on the particular item of clothing you’re wearing. Players could then fill out all or some of them, depending on how detailed (or not) they want their description to be.


It’s a fun quirk that I’ve missed from MUDs, especially since I do enjoy times when it’s applicable. Makes for great clothing-based rp, I would think. I really like this idea, and I’ve been bouncing it around in my head a few months ago, but never really got to write it down.

On the other hand, there are game features I’d like to see first before something as cosmetic as this. My two cents!