Current Considerations (Discord)


I’ve compiled a list here of the suggestions written down from discord conversations in the past to share it with everyone in case they have any comments on them. These features are not scheduled to be developed, they are extras that are being considered outside of the normal development projects.

Some of them may not be added at all, but they are on my list for consideration for when I have time to look into their viability. Some of them may end up as Patreon goals if they are especially fun (but not critical), and some of them may get put in before the game is finished because they really make the user experience way better (and it’s worth the cost of time to develop it, without delaying normal scheduling). Some may just have to wait until there’s enough time and support to add them.

In any case here they are!

  • Add achievements from game itself (from events and stat achievements etc) to forum and discord in the form of trophies and badges.
  • Ability to temporarily play as tamed or wild animals.
  • When selecting the mate button, give receiver message of “interested in rping this scene?” with a yes or no reply, automatically post an FTB if no.
  • Character creation quiz that determines race for players based on answers. A play on personality quizzes and classic RPG elements.
  • Add ability to knock on doors.
  • Add ability to point to people and projects.
  • Add option to select for a child spawn where you can select the shortest line for birth (potentially abusable with OOC coordination).
  • Consider adding in ability to heal someone else from general damage (not just injuries), to support roleplay.
  • If no roleplay or mechanics have been detected within 4 days of a child being born, they can get sent to the next player in line.
  • Online indicator, would be opt-in, and restricted to non-combat and non-guile situations.
  • Add ability for tamed animals to follow their owner to different tiles with follow/stay button.
  • Expand crafting to have optional requirements in crafting to have a chosen amount for everything but food (because abusable).
  • Expand animal taming/breeding system with traits.
  • Rapid suicide option, delayed, with chance to change their mind during certain window of time.
  • Put in ‘spawn keys’ which allow you to spawn by a friend who has given you the key they have generated.
  • Make good food set nutrition to your character which will help it live longer (or less). Maybe level of knowledge lets you see the amount of nutrition you’ll get from a food.
  • Alcohol, or brewed foods, will -nutrition value so that it’s bad for you.
  • Add optional dice rolls for skills and stats for the purpose determining RP initiated chance (ex: you sneak near someone in an attempt to surprise them so you roll guile to determine success, purely for story). No exp given if freeform rolling.
  • Add a ‘toy’ option in crafting to allow for the creation of an item that generates a random string from a given set.
  • Add mailboxes - containers that allow you to put stuff in it even if it’s locked.
  • Add in ability to set tolerance levels of laws, so that you can set guards to only attack up to a certain point for certain law breaks.
  • Ability to add multiple items as tribute for prayers.
  • Put in ability for player to do a self health drop on their own character.
  • Add an icon which shows up if something in the description of a character has changed.
  • Possibly add ability to set which stat a weapon can be based on so that ranged can use strength, etc. in crafting.
  • Potentially look into the possibility of raising ranching skill while riding on a mount.
  • Taming for pets. They would follow/stay and defend their owners, but only weak animals can be made into pets (parakeets, silk spiders, snakes, raccoons, etc).
  • Possibly make it a player setting to be able to see precise numbers in character skills, with the default being off.
  • Add a way to save crafting/food recipes so they can be easily chosen/repeated.
  • Consider being able to eat corpses, or use them as an ingredient, or get race specific meat.
  • Add ability to name different council positions.