Balancing, Magic, Poisons and Antidotes, Subdued State, Surrendering



Here is a summary of all the updates and features since the mid-point of Open Beta (September 2018), as well as a look at what is next before the game is officially released and what changes can be expected.

  1. Magic

  2. Poisons and Antidotes

  3. Subdued State

  4. Surrendering

  5. Enlightenment

  6. Character Thoughts

  7. Character Notes

  8. Slipping Notes

  9. Door Knocking

  10. Culling

  11. Balancing and Tweaks

  • Balanced item weight vs carrying capacity vs vehicle capacity vs building capacity
  • Balanced item cost to produce and recipes
  • Balanced package weight and conditions for carriers
  • Removed inheritance of attributes
  • Tweaked voting system
  • Tweaked the dismantlement behavior of some items to address exploitations
  • Overhauled combat/animal damage and child training capabilities
  • Overhauled exp gains between adults and children
  • Adjusted mage genetics and fertility
  • Added re-taming already tame animals
  • Adjustment management of avoidance
  • Adjusted spawning conditions
  • Adjusted hibernation conditions
  • Added kicking people off projects
  • Added dismantling locks and keys
  • Added renaming of keys
  • Added injury during incapability
  • Added dexterity bonus to walking speed
  • Added turning incapables around on the road
  • Added law warnings near actions
  • Added many confirmation buttons (more to come)
  • Added RP reminders and exp debuff
  • Adjusted road travel display
  • Added several new items and containers
  • Added game time and spawn dates
  • Added more town sprites
  • Adjusted theft laws
  • Adjusted town benefits being used in vehicles
  • Adjusted how mounts interact with animal limits
  • Added carrying container limit
  • Increased dragging ability
  • Exp counts toward project effort
  • Lowered possibility of mate producing more than one child at once
  • Many spell casting and mage training tweaks
  • Increased chances for inbred status on direct relations
  • More info visible about an items components
  • Added metal factory
  • Added initiation of healing projects on others
  • Prying locks returns metal
  • Added knock rate limit
  • Added original key destruction
  • Added destruction of inventions with no components
  • Automated character crossings
  • Added mother able to turn around child
  • Adjusted how project weight works in vehicles
  • Increased log download optimization
  • Added log archives to increase site speed
  • Added direct reply for whispers
  • Added a button to load event history

What’s Next

  1. Tweak Backlog
    There are a few little but important features that still need to be added to the game such as the final guile abilities, and adjustments to some features for balancing gameplay.

  2. Bug Backlog
    There is a list of older long-standing bugs that need to be addressed.

  3. UI/UX Polish
    Many aspects of the game could use additions and changes that could improve the experience of the players such as the addition of more confirmation buttons on actions that do not have them, and automatic loading in menu sections that do not already have it. Some minor interface issues also need to be addressed across the game.

  4. Optimization
    Before release, the game will be audited for opportunities to increase optimization, speed, and redundancy in the site so that it runs smoothly.

  5. Wiki update
    The wiki will get an aesthetics update along with a thorough evaluation of all information being accurate and an update to the data tables already present.

  6. Release
    Once the above is all finished, the game will officially be announced as released and out of testing. There are a few features that were planned for the game that will not make it in before release, but will be developed post-release as extras because they are not considered to be critical to core functionality of the game.

A list of these features includes:

  • Ruins: Ruin Generation, Ruin Locks, Rubble Piles, Treasure Generation, and Spell Books are already finished - this feature is half way done, but the remaining aspects needed to complete it are tedious, long, complex, and require a lot of testing that does not fit within the time frame set for release (Monster Spawning, Monster AI and Combat, Ruin Destruction, Ruin Environments, Lore Items, Ruin Groups, Artifacts).

  • Knockout alchemy: an alchemist produced item that causes a character to basically be forced into a surrender state for a number of hours depending on the quality.

They will be added above this current list of features that were already planned for post-release:

  • Racial abilities: unique abilities that are available only to people of a specific race. This was a Patreon goal that was reached and is locked in, waiting for design and deployment post-release.

  • Many many many suggestions: there are a lot of player suggestions to go through post-release for adding new content and features once the above are finished.

Why were some features moved to be developed post-release?
The simple answer is time and personal priorities concerning health and upcoming medical procedures, life changes/adjustments, and being realistic about that. I know that because of some upcoming changes I will not have the time or interest needed to devote to a couple of features I originally planned to add during beta for a while, and I do not want the game to drag on in testing forever - it has been under player testing for almost a year, and that is quite long enough for the core functionality to be considered stable. Additionally, the features being moved to be developed post-release were never core-critical, they were additions that I really wanted to add, but I do not feel the game is incomplete without them, so they will be planned for addition at a later time when I once again have the motivation and time necessary to complete them and test them properly and thoroughly.

Expect another update once What’s Next is completed. Thanks!