Allow furs to be processed like hides


Presently, master tailors and master ranchers cannot make masterful fur items, since furs cannot be processed like hides can.


Rancher should be able to make masterful furs by being master ranchers and butchering their tames.


After discord discussion:


  • Opens up non-tameable furs for minor quality improvement (no drastic increase), tames still get butchered for furs based on ranching skill. It is currently impossible to get higher than junk quality panther fur, for example.


  • Makes higher quality furs from tamed animals more common, decreasing value, but makes higher quality furs from non-tameable animals very valuable.
  • Provides ranchers twice as many training materials and opportunities by opening up furs as a way to train through processing (even while traveling). Uncertain yet if this is good or bad for ranchers in the long run.


  • Undermines butchering as a ranching skill for tameable animals since the quality can be upgraded slowly in a different way (no loss of domesticated animals or cost of resources to get them, just kill wild equivalents and process their furs).