Actions Unique to Children


[This idea comes from an assumption that children might be limited in some ways, which could be totally wrong, and probably undesirable/unnecessary if kids can do all the environmental activities that adults can.]

A potentially fun and slightly useful feature might be a type of activity that is unique to children.

Any child, anywhere, could select a special “sketching” project from the manufacturing menu. Only children would see the sketch option in the build menu.

The sketch would not need to result in an actual object or note. The player could choose on their own to make some sort of sketch using the regular note creation system if they want something to show to others, yet that would be entirely unrelated mechanically to the “sketching” project.

The manufacturing menu would list the sketch projects options. Ex:
Sketch of a Battle Axe
Sketch of an Herb
Sketch of a Sapphire
Sketch of a Ranch

Each sketch option would be related to a skill. (battle axe related to melee skill, herb sketch related to alchemy, etc.) There would ideally be at least one sketch option for each skill.

A child spending time on their sketching project will 1) learn their starting skill if that is not known by default at char creation/birth, and 2) gain very slight improvement in that skill for each hour/tick/however-projects-are-calculated unit.

The skill improvement would need to of course be some balanced amount in comparison to what people gain in skill as adults, so that the kids don’t reach adulthood overpowered. But, since 1) the child doesn’t gain any material benefit like an adult would using the skill, and 2) since childhood is a relatively short time, overpowering would likely not be an issue.

The only unfair advantage/need for mitigation, would be that the child can sketch for skills not otherwise available at their location, whereas adults could only improve some skills if the environment allows. Ex: A location with nothing to mine would not allow an adult to improve mining, while a child could sketch things that affect his/her mining skill. Again, the short duration of childhood, lack of material results, and comparatively small skill gain would probably ensure there’s no major impact on economies from these skill boosts in childhood.

This all is based on my assumption that kids might have some coded limitations, and thus a way to give them a “kid thing” to do that has a mild usefulness.


I like the idea of a char played from childhood having advantages over adult ones.


I will definitely take this all into consideration when the time comes to work on children. Right now, we’re a bit far of from that, but I expect this discussion will continue when we come to that point. I think your ideas are very good, and I do believe a main advantage to playing a child should be the number of extra ‘years’ they get to learn skills. Perhaps they may even have a boost to them for doing so since children are supposed to be sponges for knowledge, so they say.


This suggestion reminds me to the Sims!


I just got another idea for this problem, apprentices. Meaning children can help adults on their activities. This would greatly improve the child’s skill in that area relative to the time they spent helping with that activity. Only the child’s help would not further the project at all. This adds to the rp element I believe as the kids are not magically gaining skill from drawing pictures.


I think children’s help could further a project at least a fraction, as well as learning a skill faster. Skills they used in childhood could have a boost to learning in early adulthood or when teenager.