[Accepted] Varied Types of Cause of Death - Cull Options


Having a wide variety of specific types of death as a result of culling a character could be more interesting.

IE, we could have indications of a heart attack or many other disease related reasons for death that provide a little more substance and RP afterwards for those left behind, beyond passing in their sleep naturally.

EDIT: List of options would be a dropdown of pre-approved methods of death (EX: drowning) so that characters can cull in many ways that are IC and conducive to RP if they wish to. This would also allow “suicide” in an IC way (which currently is not allowed because culling is natural death only, and mechanics come before RP in the rules).

Offer your recommended options below

[Rejected] Culling making char incapable

Optional environmental factors depending on the surroundings of the tile you’re on, as some of the details that can be seen currently seem to do nothing:

  • Drowning if there’s a source of water/shoreline
  • Cold/heat, if the weather of the tile there makes sense
  • Rockslides or avalanches, if there are cliffs/mountains nearby
  • Falling into ravines or off cliffs
  • Thirst, if you’re in a desert or far from water. (Always available for Sanguine)
  • Wild animals, either through poison/venom/getting swarmed
  • Sinking into a bog/marsh
  • Quicksand

I’m sure there are tons of others that could be added as well, but I haven’t seen all the biomes yet. If it wouldn’t be too much work to implement it would add a lot of flavor to culling.

Then, of course, there are medical things:

  • Passing in your sleep (the original way)
  • Heart attacks
  • A fever
  • Choking/breathing issues (which could be RPed in various ways before hitting the button)

And if we’re going to let ourselves be a bit silly:

  • Dying of strong emotions, for the dramatic ones of us.
  • Falling coconuts
  • Getting struck by lightning
  • Straight up tripping over things and breaking your neck

Mind you, these are just a bunch of suggestions, but it would still add a lot of fun variety to spice up the end of our lives.


I’d be mildly annoyed if someone threatened me with “Oh no, I’m having a heart attack! We better do things my way or I’ll die and it will be your fault!”