[Accepted] Suggestion - Signal Fire


I would love to see this feature in game - a signal fire which could be built in a town and when actually put on fire then the smoke should be visible in some distance - say everyone who’s away by two or three tiles gets a notification that they can see smoke coming from say northwest, or from some exact location even.

As it is now there is really hard to create a common defense system for towns. Even towns which are away for like two tiles are pretty much on their own - sending a pet with message takes too long as for an urgent situation. Imagine trying to alarm cities which are away by as much as 8 tiles. And with the use of Signal Fire the message would be pretty much instant.


Generally I am against the idea of any kind of instant communication, with some exceptions, but this is actually an old method of alerting others of danger and fits in the current game setting. It’s vague enough to still require communication in person or by mail to explain the details, but gets a point across that something is happening.

The distance probably would not be as long as 8 tiles though, that’s way too far. To be balanced, if you wanted to use it the way you are describing, it would require networking the towns to be able to set off their own when they see the first in order to notify towns further away from them. That requires coordination and makes and important town role, which I think is more conducive to RP, groups working together, and increases the viability of establishing kingdom-like nations who are able to coordinate more effectively.

I also think these items should have a high resource cost so as not to be used casually.


Oh crap, yes, 8 is too far. I don’t know how the hell I came up with such a big number :D. Actually two or three tiles would be better. Two tiles is a minimum because you can’t build town halls more often. So I’d vouch for it to be three which would allow for some flexibility.


Maybe it’s too much to ask, but signal fires in mountains could possibly be seen further away (into plains) than plain-to-plain fires… Make terrain matter? Either make it only dependant on terrain it’s been built on (3 tiles for plains, 4 tiles for mountains, 2 tiles for forests, something like this) or send-receive, like: mountain-plains 4 tiles, mountain-mountain 2 tiles, forest-forest 1 tile, forest-plain 2 tiles, plain-plain 3 tiles, etc)


I was thinking about it, but in reality the signal fire was used to produce smoke, and that’s what people were looking for. So it’s not like making the fire in the forest would make it be visible from lesser distance than making it in the open.


Oh yes. That’s right… thinking But a forest would have less visibility than a plain. You’d have to climb a tree or find a clearing to see a smoke signal in the distance.


That is true.
Plus mountain ranges could obscure the view. Meaning like if you have a situation:
and there would be a signal made in the town A, then people in town B possibly could not see it, because of the mountains.

But to be honest it would probably require quite a lot of coding to take all of it into consideration, and perhaps it’s not worth the bother?


Most people cannot actually travel on mountains, the only tiles that you can travel on which are mountainous are mountain sides, which are of course part of a range and would actually obscure view, not help it.

And I think 3 tiles would be good. Possibly there could be two tiers, a weak signal, for less resources that would go 2 tiles out (which covers a towns surrounding area, and a strong signal which would be way more expensive which could go out perhaps 4. Or something like that. That way you have varying resource needs to cover areas more efficiently than just one flat cost.

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