[Accepted] Suggestion - Bulletin Boards


Since one of my characters became a town leader, I have found the necessity to try keeping everything organized while having trouble to let everyone know about current tasks, news and services.

A feature that I saw implemented and widely used in Cantr was the ability to install a bulletin board. These basically were lockable furniture that worked like notes and designed to always sit atop the Object list. This last detail made players more inclined to read them, naturally. In Marosia, it could use either this same system or work as a container where you could store and read notes.

I think that a feature like this would facilitate organization, information flow and characters’ advertising, searching and assigning tasks to others. However, due to the fact that it mixes properties of the ‘Furniture’, ‘Containers’ and ‘Invention’ tabs, I can begin to understand the challenges behind its coding.

So, what do you guys think?


Just making it clear on my end after a talk in discord - yes I think this is a good idea. The functionality will already be available after a planned tweak, and I can add a new container called bulletin board or similar where you will be able to lock legible notes inside for others to read which they will not be able to pick up.

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