[Accepted] Scavenger animals


I’m against the idea of item rot being in the game, but I was thinking…a more elegant way of doing it, although probably more difficult from a coding perspective, would be to introduce scavenger animals.

The general idea would be that if you have a huge build up of ingredients or materials laying around it would start to attract scavenger animals, little beasties that don’t drop any resources themselves that would eat/steal/destroy a portion of those resources unless they were dealt with.

This would encourage people to be a bit more careful with their resources, putting them inside to keep them safe or using them outright rather then letting them build up to crazy levels. People would also be encouraged to kill the scavengers because they drop no resources and would take up wild animal slots.

The rate at which these scavengers would chew through resources would need to be balanced with math skills that I don’t particularly have, but I imagine the more scavengers present, the more resources lost. There would have to be an unspecified amount of resources that triggers their spawning too. I think it’s better that the players don’t actually know the specific number to avoid it being triggered purposefully.

When they consumed resources it should show like a wild animal attack, but instead of damage it would announce what was taken and the amount.

An Example would be something like:
“A Gremlin/pack of Gremlins has stolen {amount} {resource}!”


I like this idea as an alternative to rot for resources which do not have limits. It provides RP opportunity, and encourages mindful (rather than aimless and constant) resource gathering, and provides a way for characters to purposely get rid of built up resources if they want to without it being immersion breaking or too powerful. Thanks!

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