[Accepted] Newspawn Option: Age Selection


Since newpawns are adults without an initial backstory, there is no game-based reason why they should always be 18. I thought maybe it would be cool if when choosing to play a newspawn you could decide how old they are when they come into the world, up to a point. You’d be able to spawn older characters that fit character concepts you want to try out right away rather than having to wait for them to age, or it could be useful for those who just want to play a shorter lifespan in general.


Yesss! I love the idea of being able to be a miserable old biddy right off the bat :smiley:

Would a delay on being able to mate be implemented to stop people just spawning slightly older adults to create children immediately or is it not so much a problem?


I think that issue could be easily solved by making the mate option available based on “2 years after creation” rather than a hard “20 years old”, as long as they are in their fertility range of course.


Hop straight into that ‘erp’.


Not really, ERP is already available as an option from 16+.

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