[Accepted] Copying bound books


A suggestion that was posted in Discord that I have always wished we had is the ability to make copies of books that have been bound.


Yes, I wanted to suggest this as well, along with possibly making it dependent on having a library or a printing press machine. Either way, mass producing books and spreading them around seems like a lovely way to record and spread history, and would make other things easier as well, with regards to commerce, laws and society.

When I saw the book feature I thought it was cool and thought about Dwarf Fortress, but was a bit dismayed when I realized you couldn’t copy books.


I second this suggestion with all my heart.

I am not sure that a printing press would be that needed, but I agree that if there was a way to copy books in a more timely manner than simply having to go through the paper and the book-making again, that’d be ideal.

The way I imagined it is that, once a book is bound, it has the option to be copied like notes do. It would use the Manufacturing skill and the effort to copy the book would be equal to the number of pages in it. This would need to be done somewhere with a library and the final copy would be bound too, of course.


I also really want the option to copy books! To me it makes perfect sense that it’d require a machine, though - Namely, a printing press.


To me it only makes sense you’d need a machine if making more than one copy at a time. If copying manually (in a tile with a library), I agree with needing a book container, or the project would require however much materials you need for a book, and the hours would be the same as the manual hours to copy each page. It would just save on the clicking, and copy pasting, really.

The press machine could be used for multiple copies.


To add to the book improvement suggestion: ability to see materials used to make the cover. Ability to set description to the cover and change it (much like any other container).

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