[Accepted] Animals Gone Wild!


I was thinking about it and I thought that might be a good idea to have a limit attached to tamed animals that if they aren’t interacted with (Mounted, attached to something, used for mail delivery, harvested for ingredients) for a year in game that they would revert to their wild state.

It seems quite useful to me as a means of dealing with dead characters animals, or towns where tamed animals pile up but never get used, or even just to mix things up like a tamed wyvern suddenly going wild in a peaceful and quiet town.


I think a year would be way too little time for this to happen. Harvesting from animals takes a long time, and if you have different kinds, then it would be difficult to avoid them all escaping. It would also mean that a character cannot travel at all without the risk of all her animals fleeing.


I would say though, that makes sense. Perhaps a year might be to short a time, but any animal that’s left alone long enough with go wild again eventually. Also, I don’t think they would flee…they’d just become wild on that tile, acting like they did before they were tamed.


Actually, I’ll add an addendum to this, They would become untamed on a tile that doesn’t have a Barn after a year, but a having a Barn would extend that by a couple years or something like that since having one sort of comes with the assumption that the animal is being cared for.


I’ve been thinking about something like this for a long while, and the option to go wild is something that crossed my mind.

A year is absolutely a short time. I’d say barns keep the animals tamed indefinitely, or maybe roll a low % chance after, say, 4 years of no interaction (I would include mount/dismount, attach/dettach and mail/remove mail as interactions too). No barns, would allow an increasing % roll of going wild every day/tick, starting at very low % after 1-2 years, and this % would increase if the owner is dead. I like the idea that people would give ownership of their animals to trusted people before travelling longer distances…


I agree that animals on a tile without a barn could turn wild after a time, but that a barn keeps them tamed indefinitely. I also agree that the change of them turning wild should be increast if the owner dies.


I’d want a “pet” button added which could count as interaction. There would also need to be some kind of event that says something like “Ed(horse) is becoming neglected”. One of my characters has 20 animals and if not for the barn this would make it very hard to manage.


Yeah, I have a character with many animals too, and I’m worried it would be a terrible pain in the ass if they started turning wild every time I didn’t collect from them for a year or two. It would mean my character could never do anything else than collecting from her various animals ever again.


That’s kind of the point of the suggestion though. Towns, from what I’ve seen, are filling up with tamed animals that people do nothing with which cuts back or stops wild spawns and eventually stops mail as well (unless that changed) so it forces people to deal with their animals or pass them off to others to care for, and the penalty of having to tame the animal again or kill it depending on the threat is there for those that don’t care about the role. The actual time frame until they would go wild could definitely be tweaked, but I don’t think it should be indefinite as that just eliminates a RP opportunity and promotes people just keeping the animals because they can rather then for a real reason.


Honestly, I’d just have liked for there to be a way for town leadership to easier deal with animals that are needlessly filling up towns. As it is it can be very hard to deal with them without a good tamer/decent thief in town, often eating way too much time in efforts to keep enough space for wild animals and messenger animals.

Not to say that animals going wild isn’t a good idea, mind you, because it could stir up a lot of towns if people aren’t paying attention - I would love for them to go wild if the owner dies, for instance. But I’m not sure I feel like neglect is enough to have them go wild.


On the same topic (sort of), and on the interest of keeping this suggestion tied to the other, I’d love a button “set free” for our own animals. So you can set a mount free if you get another one, or if you want to cause havoc (like setting a monster free in the middle of a flock of sheep), or just get rid of a few critters for people to hunt instead of butchering them…

(edit) This would mean making the animal wild, in the tile.


The nature of the suggestion is good because there does need to be a tweak (read: pre-release), but working out the specifics is complicated.

The problem to be solved is ensuring that mounts (especially powerful ones) do not become too common or too easily obtainable, especially that they are an unlimited resource that never dies.

  • I cannot have animals go back into the wild automatically when a character dies because that gives away a character’s death in a lame way.

  • An interaction/affection system is an option, but that is a lot more work for what is essentially the decay of animal ownership. It would be nicer to be able to have a short term solution as a tweak now, but one which can be built on or expanded later if/when we have an animal overhaul/pet update. On that longer term topic, though since barns can be built in locations with no town hall they cannot keep animals tame indefinitely or there will be barns built on every tile. I like that giving ownership to someone while you are away would become desirable.

  • I also agree that the entire point of the suggestion is to make it harder to manage 20 animals as the animal owner. That is a lot of animals, and if you are not actively using them on a regular basis then they shouldn’t stay tame and take up space. A petting option would just make keeping your animal a tedious game of clicking rather than actually being forced to use them or sell/give them to someone who will use them. That means ranchers need to take rides occasionally on the mounts they tame, they need to collect occasionally from their herds/flocks, they need to butcher the animals they tame for pelts, and they need to send out the animals they tame as carriers. Those are all good things to require of a rancher, as opposed to just clicking an arbitrary button on all of them which would spam an event.

  • I agree with having a “set free” option for the owner to allow its own animal to become untamed willingly.

  • For town leadership, if this was implemented, towns would be able to tell their ranchers to deal with their flocks/herds unless they want consequences. If there are too many to keep up with, they will naturally become wild again and open up the animal slots they were taking up. If there are too many even though the rancher can keep up, and leadership wants them to have less, they would now be able to ask the rancher to set some free.

  • As a notable addition, if such a method of decay for animal ownership was put in, I would be willing to implement a way for characters to take their animals anywhere they want (it would no longer be limited to just established town tiles) because then we would not have to worry about animals being everywhere unmanaged. As such, this would mean animal limits for non-town tiles would not have to exist at all since they do not get mail, which would mean ranchers who want to dedicate themselves to ranching have way more incentive to do so on a homestead rather than in the middle of a city (which should/would have those slots open for carriers and mounts instead).

I will think over what an easier tweak might be that could get the same results, but if not then I will look into implementing this interaction based tameness system.

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