[Accepted Adjustment] Invention: Spyglass


Somewhere down the road, I think it would be very awesome to be able to craft spyglasses (or binoculars, or whatever). They should require a fairly robust material list (I leave it up to Nyx to decide what is fair).

The purpose of a spyglass would be to allow travelers to have a similar application as a Watchtower in a town. Specifically, those who have a spyglass could look at adjacent tiles and see any people present on those tiles.

I could see this being very useful for traders, bandits, and hermits, but should be time or ingredient heavy to keep them semi-rare.

(Sorry, first suggestion, apologies if unclear!)


This item being able to be made by anyone would invalidate the need for watchtowers since a mobile version of it is far superior. Since items do not degrade, a high resource cost is not enough to keep the item from becoming commonplace.

As an alternative, it was suggested that this item be implemented as an Artifact (a unique item with unique abilities that cannot be destroyed, obtained from ruins primarily), which I agree with. It addresses all of my concerns while allowing a cool ability to be added to the game.

Thanks for the suggestion.

closed #3