[Accepted Adjustment] Disallow children from leaving a tile if their mother is on tile and mother is 1) alive and not hibernating and 2) is not subdued/incapable


There may be cases where a child character has legitimate reason to want to flee a location, such as when their parents are attacked and the situation is desperate.

However, multiple child characters are deciding at age 5 or 6 that they ‘don’t like the culture’ and leaving with other adults. This seems absurd, partly because kids should generally not yet have the concept of being able to change their circumstances, and partly because there is a mechanical event that says something like ‘You trust your mother’ the moment they are spawned. Children should not go from trusting mom to moving across country with strangers in such a short time.

Part of playing a child character is accepting that you are going to be molded by what your mother/father/society tell you is true, and young children should not have the capacity to overrule that.


I will not disallow children from leaving a tile just because their mother is on it, mechanically that does not make any sense and ruins legitimate potential storylines (where children do have the capacity to overrule the situation they were born in). The game also does not mechanically state that a child trusts their mother, to be clear, it only points out who they are.

Instead, I approve the suggestion that children who do run away from mothers who care enough to run after them should be able to turn them around on the road. Turning someone around is the same enforcement of will as dragging, which mothers already have, so I see no reason why they should not have that ability at least, which is something strangers do not have.

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